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March 20, 2020

How to Use Qubely Pro

Qubely Pro is a premium plugin provided by Nexcess for free with your Managed WordPress/WooCommerce web hosting plan. This page builder plugin works with the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress.
February 12, 2020

Upgrading Your PHP 7 Version

PHP 7 is the newest release of PHP, replacing PHP 5.6 (EOL) and lower. Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce hosting gives you an easy upgrade tool so that you can update your sites to PHP 7.
February 03, 2020

Safe Harbor for Magento 1

Safe Harbor is a product to keep Magento 1 stores protected and safe after Magento 1 went End-of-Life (EOL). Safe Harbor will be available through March 31st, 2025.
October 28, 2019

Adding a Site in Your Managed WordPress or WooCommerce Portal

Adding a site in your Managed WordPress Portal or Managed WooCommerce Portal is an easy process that just takes a few steps using the Nexcess Client Portal that are documented in this article.
October 28, 2019

Restoring a Site from a Backup in Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Portal

You’ve learned about how to create a backup and your Managed WordPress/Managed WooCommerce Portal automatically backs up your site. If anything goes wrong, you will be able to restore it easily.
September 09, 2019

How to configure DNS records in the Client Portal

Where to find and how to change your DNS records from your Nexcess Client Portal.
September 06, 2019

How to install SSL certificates in Nexcess Cloud

Learn how to use the Nexcess Client Portal to install your previously purchased SSL certificate so that it applies to your Nexcess Cloud service.
September 06, 2019

How to import SSL certificates in your Nexcess Client Portal

Learn how to use your Nexcess Client Portal to import your previously purchased SSL certificates.
September 06, 2019

How existing customers order SSL certificates in the Nexcess Client Portal

How existing customers order SSL certificates in the Nexcess Client Portal
Are you an existing customer of a Nexcess hosting product? If so, are you looking to order an SSL certificate through the Nexcess Client Portal? Here is your guide with the installation steps.
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