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Transferring a domain from GoDaddy

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September 14, 2022

The process of switching your domain name from one registrar to another is called domain transfer. This article covers how to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess web hosting.

To be eligible for a transfer, you must have been with your current registrar (for example, GoDaddy) for at least 60 days (60 days have passed since you registered, renewed, or transferred the domain) and have completed the registrant lock period.

Transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess

Transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess is a straightforward process that you can complete by following the guidance provided. Furthermore, the friendly staff at Nexcess may always be contacted if you encounter any programs on your domain transfer.

Disabling the WHOIS to facilitate the domain transfer

If you have enabled GoDaddy privacy protection plan, remember to disable it before submitting the transfer request. By disabling the WHOIS Privacy Protection your domain's contact information will be visible to the public. A domain transfer from GoDaddy will require that this step be taken.

How long does the domain transfer take to complete?

Domain transfer from GoDaddy to Nexcess takes a varying amount of time to complete based on several variables, including the domain registrar involved.

Is there any downtime involved in a domain transfer from GoDaddy?

Nexcess will not make any changes to your domain's nameservers when performing the domain transfer. This fact means the nameservers associated with the domain will remain the same during the transfer process. Hence you need to ensure that previous nameservers are still accessible after transfer.

For example, if you are transferring from GoDaddy and have been using their nameservers, your previous records may get deleted upon canceling their service, and your domain will stop working. Hence, we strongly recommend you create a DNS zone in Nexcess Client Portal and add the necessary records. Completing this step will prevent/reduce any downtime during transfer.

You can refer to the following article to manage DNS from your Nexcess Client Portal: How to create and edit DNS zones in the Client Portal

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) code/transfer authorization code (transfer auth/auth code)

To transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess, you need an auth code or the EPP code. This code can be obtained from the GoDaddy Portal. This code ensures that an unauthorized person does not transfer your domain.

What are the Nexcess nameservers?

Please use the nameservers provided below for Nexcess:

The cost involved in transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess

The domain transfer cost depends on the extensions. Standard domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc.) will incur a $15 to $20 transfer fee, including a one-year renewal fee.

Some non-standard or country-specific domains may be charged at different rates, and others require no renewal upon transfer.

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Steps for transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess

Follow these three steps on how to transfer a GoDaddy domain.

1. Unlock your domain name from GoDaddy. Log in to your GoDaddy account via the GoDaddy Login page. Navigate to domains by clicking the Advanced button on the top left: > My Domains > Manage All

Navigate to domains (Click advanced button on top left) >> My Domains >> Manage all.

Select the domain(s) to unlock and toggle the Off radio button next to Lock and unlock the domain:

Select the domain(s) to unlock and toggle the Off radio button next to Lock and unlock the domain.

2. Collect the GoDaddy Transfer Auth Code

Log in to your GoDaddy account via the GoDaddy Login page. Navigate to domains by clicking the Advanced button on the top left: > My Domains > Manage All

Choose the domain and click on the domain name.Scroll down to Additional Settings and select Transfer domain away from GoDaddy:

Domain Privacy: Contact Hidden & Additional Settings

Go through the transfer checklist, then select Continue with the Transfer:

Domain Transfer List

Select Click Here to see Authorization Code and use Copy to Clipboard to copy your authorization code. GoDaddy will also send an email with your authorization code to the administrative email address on your domain name. Select My Domains to go back to your list of domains.

3. Open a support ticket with Nexcess

Open a support ticket to our team with the following details:

Domain Name(s):

Domain Transfer Contact Information

First Name:
Last Name:

Organization Name:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Phone Number (with the # in the +[Country Code].[Phone Number] format as per the +1.866.639.2377 example):
Email Address:

EPP Code from GoDaddy

To open a ticket from your Nexcess Client Portal, click New Ticket with Our Support Team. The following help articles can assist you with different aspects of the domain transfer process:

Don’t forget to disable the WHOIS Privacy Protection option if it is enabled. Otherwise, domain transfer requests will be declined. Domain transfers from GoDaddy require this step be taken.

Bottom line on transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Nexcess

Now you know how to transfer a GoDaddy domain to Nexcess. The time GoDaddy will take to complete the transfer will vary based on several variables. Unfortunately, there is nothing Nexcess can do to speed up this process.

If you are currently not a Nexcess client but would like to inquire about our hosting services, please get in touch with our sales team, available from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time (ET), Monday to Friday. You may also review our list of services and cloud hosting options with details relating to plans and pricing. Or, take a look at our hosting plans to get started today.

FAQs on transferring a domain from GoDaddy

Is GoDaddy good for building your ecommerce website?

GoDaddy lacks advanced ecommerce features. It may be an adequate hosting provider for small business merchants who want to create a simple online store without a robust feature set. For more features in terms of ecommerce, SEO tools, and design customization options, you would need a different hosting provider.

Within the user interface for your GoDaddy account, where can you transfer a domain name from GoDaddy?

The functional area of the GoDaddy user interface used for transferring a domain from GoDaddy is found under Additional Settings. Once there, select Transfer Domain Away. Remember that you are not allowed to transfer a domain within 60 days of it beingly newly registered or transferred from another registrar. Changing the domain contact information may also invoke the same 60-day rule.

How long does it take to complete a domain transfer from GoDaddy?

Timeframes for each migration will vary based on several variables.

How much is the fee for transferring a domain from GoDaddy?

The cost comes to about $15 to $20 per domain that you wish to transfer from GoDaddy, depending on a few factors involved.

Does your website go down if you transfer a domain from GoDaddy?

If no changes are made to the nameservers used by the domain, no downtime will be observed. So, the short answer is no. The domain transfer process only changes the domain name registrar. A domain name transfer does not include a modification of the nameservers for the domain, which would be a separate process.

When you do a domain transfer from GoDaddy, what happens?

A domain transfer from GoDaddy refers to the process of changing the designated domain name registrar. After the domain transfer has been completed, the new domain registrar will maintain all relevant information regarding the domain and the registrant.

What if I need to change the ownership of a domain?

If you need to change domain ownership from you to another person or vice versa, a domain transfer is required. Let's say you registered your domain under a personal account but want to transfer the domain to a business account. In this scenario, a domain transfer would be required.

What is a WHOIS Privacy Protection service?

Domain privacy is called WHOIS Privacy Protection. It is a service offered by a number of domain name registrars, such as GoDaddy. When a customer buys domain privacy from the company, that company will replace the customer's information in the WHOIS record with the information of a forwarding service using a proxy server.

Is there a high-level overview for how to transfer a domain registration from GoDaddy to Nexcess?

Yes, here are the primary steps in sequential order:

1. Ensure that domain's contact information id correct for the domain name.
2. Remove the WHOIS privacy protection from the domain.
3. Unlock the domain with GoDaddy.
4. Request the EPP/auth code from GoDaddy.
5. Submit a domain name transfer request to Nexcess.
6. Approve the transfer of the domain name following the instruction in the email from GoDaddy.

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