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Nexcess cloud autoscaling

With Nexcess autoscaling, you can rest easy that your site can handle traffic.

What is autoscaling?

Nexcess autoscaling comes to the rescue when your traffic surges to maintain speed, security, and a good customer experience.
We all know what it’s like to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic - what could be a simple 15-minute drive turns into a 30-minute (or more) nightmare.
The same backups happen to your web server when everyone visits your site at the same time. While significant traffic is a good problem to have, if you’re not prepared for it, your customer experience can take a turn for the worse.
How does it work

How does autoscaling work?

Autoscaling (also known as auto scaling) monitors your website and triggers a scaling event whenever traffic begins to exceed concurrent user capacity. A scaling event adjusts the PHP process limit (also known as PHP workers) to accommodate bursts in user concurrency on your site.
So when you promote flash sales, see activity from a post that goes viral, or prepare for seasonal spikes like holiday shopping, you can rest assured that your site can handle anything that comes its way.
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Ever heard of a 502 error?
Or, what happens without autoscaling?

If you’re with a host that doesn't offer autoscaling and your site gets overloaded and close to capacity of concurrent users, it will slow down dramatically - and then crash.
By dynamically adding more resources to your website when it’s under heavy traffic, Nexcess autoscaling ensures your site remains steady, eliminating the risk of abandonment by potential customers.
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Who can use

Autoscaling is automatically configured and enabled in every plan across our managed WordPress, managed WooCommerce, Magento cloud solutions, and flexible cloud hosting.
Every site on your plan receives 24 hours per month of autoscaling for free, and you’ll be notified of your usage when you start, and when you hit 12 hours and then 24 hours. Your account will be reset to zero on the first of the next month. And if at any point you decide you don’t want it automated, you can easily disable it in your Client Portal.
24 Hours

What if I use more
than 24 hours?

If you've gone over the 24-hour threshold (and autoscaling is enabled), you’ll be billed $.10/minute in 30-minute increments, with a $3 minimum charge.
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Advanced Auto Scaling

Why you should enable autoscaling

Looking for predictable performance for extreme traffic spikes? Nexcess autoscaling lets you manage huge spikes in traffic without crashes or a reduction in speed. No long term contract or commitment — just effective management for significant traffic that’s ready when you are.
Autoscaling allows you to plan (and budget) for more concurrent users during periods of significant traffic spikes — holidays, flash sales, and promotions that are likely to go viral. If you’re expecting 5-10X your standard traffic, autoscaling helps you keep more revenue in your pocket.
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