Nexcess Data Centers

Our Data Centers

Each data center location has been carefully chosen for security, performance, and strategic positioning. All of our data centers are PCI compliant and come with advanced security, additional redundancies, and a 24/7 support team.

US Midwest
Southfield, MI


The Heart of Nexcess

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US Midwest
Dearborn, MI


Our Original Facility

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San Jose

US West
San Jose, CA


Neighbor to the World’s
Largest Tech Hub

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US South
Miami, FL


Along the Backbone of
Central and South America

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UK South
Surrey, UK


UK Hub For Innovation
and Development

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West Sussex

UK South
West Sussex, UK


The Crossroads of
UK Commerce

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The Netherlands
West Amsterdam, NL


One of Europe’s Most
Well-Connected Cities

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Australia South
Sydney, NSW


Perfect for Oceanian

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Very happy client here. Exceptional service

At the end of the day there are few things that provide a client with more peace of mind than knowing that when they encounter an issue, they will receive exceptional support from their service provider. The Nexcess team offers exceptional support. Very happy client here.
- Amy M

Real, Responsive, and Reliable

As an account manager it is always a pleasure working with Nexcess on client projects! The team at Nexcess is consistently reliable, responsive, and customer success oriented!
- Nicole P

Outstanding service from beginning to end

Outstanding Service from beginning to end and every time I have any contact with them, they are ready to help with a virtual smile. We need more businesses like them and I highly recommend they for any and all hosting, etc. Thank you so much, you have a customer for life!
- R.J. J