Southfield, Michigan Data Center


Hosting at the Heart of Nexcess

Located in the heart of Southeastern Michigan’s most connected Detroit suburb, our Southfield, Michigan data center also serves as our global headquarters and our largest US-based point of presence.

Originally developed as part of a light industrial park, this facility was completely renovated by Nexcess in 2010, and has since served as one of our primary data centers.

Multiple Redundancies

Power is provided by DTE for a total of over 3MW. Redundant backup power is provided through an uninterruptible backup generator in an N+1 configuration backed up by a diesel generator with 72 hours of fuel on-site.

Uninterruptible Connections

Connectivity at the Southfield, Michigan data centre is provided by multiple providers at 10Gbps across 4 diverse paths with 100% SLA on a blended network.

Power Distribution

The distribution of power inside our Michigan data center is handled by Liebert power distribution units. A mix of A, B, and tertiary power options are available. These PDUs are fed by our dual Liebert UPS systems and can be dynamically allocated to provide N+0, N+1, or N+2 redundancy levels based on the customer's requirements.