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Instantly create development and staging sites with database scrubbing.

What Are Dev Sites ?

A dev site lets you safely test changes without affecting your production site. Nexcess Dev Sites let you scrub all personally identifiable information and keep customer data secure.
Why Use a Dev Site?

Making changes to a website can lead to unexpected results. Things can break, performance can take a hit, or a page’s look and feel can change. Dev sites let you test results before pushing them live.
Nexcess Cloud Dev Sites

Nexcess dev sites mirror your production site and environment. While the use of dev and staging environments is best practice, the process for promoting changes to a production site varies. Nexcess Dev Sites are designed to give developers the framework they need to implement their own process.

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Dev Sites With Database Scrubbing

Database scrubbing maintains the security of your users by replacing personally identifiable information (PII) with placeholders.

Database scrubbing helps when a third-party agency or developer is handling development or testing, or changes involve accessing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Examples of data we replace with fake, but authentic, data includes:
  • All name/address/phone/contact data
  • All emails
  • All CC, CVV fields are wiped
  • All exp dates are set to 1/2050
  • All CC cardholder names are set to fake
Dev vs. Staging vs. Production

The development process for changes to a website often passes through three stages:

Development > Staging > Production

A development site (or dev site) is where developers work. It is separate from a production site to protect live content.

A staging site is a private copy of a production site. It is often used to review deployed changes. In some cases, development and staging sites are the same but from different perspectives.

A production site is your live website, available to the public.
How to Create a Dev Site

A dev site can be created with a few clicks in the Client Portal. Refer to our dev site documentation to learn more.
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