Dearborn, Michigan
Data Center


Host at the First Nexcess Facility

The original Nexcess facility, with a history of excellent service and reliability. Our Dearborn data center is capable of delivering your site throughout domestic US and abroad, with multiple redundancies in place to ensure it never sees downtime.
Our Dearborn facility is capable of running autonomously for more than a day, with a 300 kilowatt Cummins diesel generator. On-site refueling makes indefinite runtime possible.
Connectivity at the Dearborn, Michigan data center is provided via diverse paths with a 100% SLA on a blended network.
Power and
Environment Control
Our 600 amp commercial power feed from Detroit Edison is backed up by 250 KVA of battery power with A and B critical power options available. Cooling is delivered underfloor via Liebert air-cooled HVAC units and a total of 90 tons of N+1 configured cooling is available.

Colocation Is Available In This Facility

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With Fully Managed Hosting from Nexcess Better is Built In

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