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Best Magento 2 search extensions (free and paid)

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April 04, 2023

If you run a Magento-based ecommerce website with various categories and products, it's critical that your consumers can easily and quickly locate what they're looking for.

Integrating a powerful Magento 2 search extension into your website saves your customers from Magento's lackluster default search capability.

Why Magento admins seek the best Magento 2 search extensions

To improve your users’ experience with your brand, you’ll need to choose a new search extension and ensure your Magento store runs smoothly with it installed. If you get stuck configuring Magento 2, check out our knowledge base of frequently asked questions. The best Magento 2 search extensions are explained below so you can find the most productive fit for your business.

An overview of Magento 2 search extensions

Any ecommerce business does better with excellent search features. Customers don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of options they don’t want. In contrast, more purchases are finalized when users find their desired product quickly and intuitively.

In addition, the best Magento 2 search extensions will give you essential data on your audience’s behavior. You can capitalize on that to build more user retention, nudge your users in the right direction, and capture more of the market. How? By creating a thoroughly enjoyable user experience.

In general, search extensions will let customers type a word or phrase. The extension goes through your website’s database and matches relevant content. These matches are then displayed concisely to the user, who decides which to click on to navigate to the corresponding product page.

But as you’ll see, the best Magento 2 search extensions do much more.

Free options — best Magento 2 search extensions

You can find many Magento 2 search extensions for free. Without paying a dime, the following extensions will provide a crucial service to your customers.

Free option #1. Magento 2 Auto Search by Landofcoder

Using AJAX technology, your customers can find the right product even if they can’t remember the actual name. Magento 2 Auto Search has an autocomplete function and also suggests relevant searches. Landofcoder’s extension is one of the best search extensions available for Magento stores.

The extension is proactive: As soon as users type one letter, Auto Search looks for results. In contrast, other search tools wait until the user has finished typing and presses enter or send. Considering this Magento 2 search extension is free, it’s certainly worth looking into.

Feature highlights:

  • Starts searching as soon as you type the first letter.
  • Autocompletes with filter categories.
  • Suggests relevant searches.
  • Customize the appearance.
  • Supports languages that read right to left.
  • Catered to mobile and tablet users.

Free option #2. Search Autocomplete for Magento 2 by Mageworx

This Magento 2 search extension is free from Mageworx. It has features your customers will love. For example, an "Add to Cart" button can be added to every search result, enabling your interested buyers to move quickly from the search box to the checkout.

For those users who are still deciding, their queries will be cached. The next time they do a search, it will be more personalized. Mageworx created the Search Autocomplete extension to simplify your user experience. That’s why a popup gives your customers instant search results as they type.

Feature highlights:

  • A popup displays instant search results as the user types.
  • An "Add to Cart" button can be added to each search result.
  • Search results include product images, price, and ratings.
  • Options for advanced search customization.
  • Users’ queries will be cached to personalize their next search.

Paid options — best Magento 2 search extensions

There are several paid Magento 2 search extensions that add significant functionality to your platform. They enhance the experience all customers have when interacting with your ecommerce website.

Paid option #1. Mageplaza Ajax Search

The best Magento 2 search extensions will have flexible configuration and customization. This custom setup capability is certainly the case with Mageplaza’s offering. For example, you can set the number of search results that are displayed in a popup. You can also decide how long the autocomplete feature waits for the user to type before trying to find relevant results.

Use this extension to tailor your user experience to your store and your customers. Do you make thorough use of SKUs? Mageplaza Ajax Search supports up to 10,000 SKUs being searchable. Of course, this Magento 2 search extension is also lightning-quick and intuitive to use.

Feature highlights:

  • You decide how long results wait to appear as the user types.
  • Very flexible configuration and customization.
  • Set the number of search results that display at a time.
  • Allows SKU searches and supports up to 10,000 unique SKUs.

Paid option #2. Amasty Advanced Search

To improve user experience and optimize search efficiency, Amasty Advanced Search lets you add more advanced options to the default search tool on your Magento store. As a result, visitors are given comprehensive information on anything you choose: whether that’s products, categories, content pages, or all three. Plus, your customers will be inspired when the search box displays popular searches from others.

Feature highlights:

  • Results can be from product pages, category pages, and content pages.
  • Built-in analytics provide information about your customers.
  • Engage and inspire users by displaying popular and recent searches.
  • Easily adjust the autocomplete popup’s design.
  • Built-in "Add to Cart" button to encourage customers to make purchases.

Paid option #3. Sphinx Search Ultimate

This Magento 2 search extension is suitable for ecommerce websites with responsive themes. Website owners can use this extension for any language — you can even make your own synonym dictionary to assist users. Typographical errors are automatically fixed as the customer types.

The Sphinx Search Ultimate extension allows searching across many types of content. There are even custom options website owners can set up. Using the exclusive Sphinx engine, this extension can handle over 500 queries per second for a catalog of over one million products.

Feature highlights:

  • Search by category name, custom options, and related products.
  • While searching, typos are automatically fixed.
  • Supports searching across many content types.
  • Offers excellent search results in any language.
  • Make your own stopword and synonym dictionary.
  • Works well with responsive themes.

Paid option #4. Magenest Ajax Search

Magenest’s Ajax Search plugin simplifies your store’s search procedure. You can create your own workflow for how the search bar factors into your ideal customer journey. This feature is a good option for those still preparing to go live with a Magento website. Additionally, you can fully personalize the search box and dropdown box with the features you deem helpful.

One unique benefit is the voice search capability, which makes this plugin one of the best Magento 2 search extensions. Customers can speak into their mics — their voices will be translated into text by the extension’s algorithm. The searcher will see results right after they finish speaking.

Feature highlights:

  • Voice search capability.
  • Utilize auto-complete search suggestions to speed up your searches.
  • You can completely personalize the features of the search box and the dropdown box.
  • Make your own search tool workflow according to your users.
  • Immediately directs customers to the products they have selected.

Paid option #5. Search Suggestion for Magento 2 by Webkul

With this extension, users will receive search results while still typing. In addition, Webkul’s Search Suggestion for Magento 2 extension will show related product images, names, and prices. This way, your online visitors will more easily discover products they’re interested in.

Feature highlights:

  • Results display immediately while still typing.
  • Open source code and fully customizable.
  • Tags, product names, and category searches are all possible.
  • Shows popular products based on their ratings.
  • Search results highlight the user’s keywords.
  • Convenient to use and very simple to configure.

Paid option #6. Search Autocomplete & Suggest extension for Magento 2 by Mconnect Media

Mconnect’s Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension for Magento 2 extension uses AJAX technology to deliver search results without the page refreshing. Store administrators using this extension will have access to many options to configure. For example, the maximum number of search results is customizable, as is the minimum number of characters needed to begin a search.

Feature highlights:

  • Quick results in a dropdown menu that doesn’t redirect to another search page.
  • Search results can either include or exclude product categories and store pages.
  • Choose whether you display a "View All" button that redirects to a more extensive search page.
  • Select the product characteristics you want to show up in search results.

Paid option #7. Magento 2 Search by Category extension by Neklo

Neklo’s search extension specializes in searching by category. A dropdown list will display all the categories you add to products or services. The user can then easily pick the one which interests them and see only results from that type. This user interaction is a different approach to streamlining the search process. As one of the best Magento 2 search extensions, it also has unlimited subcategories.

Feature highlights:

  • A category list will be integrated with your website.
  • Users can perform a category search no matter what page they’re on.
  • Alternatively, you can select specific pages to have the search bar available.
  • Unlimited subcategories are available at no extra cost.
  • No major changes are required for your store.

Paid option #8. Magento 2 Search Autocomplete & Suggest extension by Plumrocket

Are you looking for a quick setup? This extension supports all Magento 2 search engines, including MySQL, Elastic Search, and Elasticsearch 5.0+, according to Plumrocket. That means you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing Magento search engine and start using it right away. In addition, the plugin was made with all types of devices in mind, from PCs to tablets to mobile devices and phones.

Feature highlights:

  • Customers can search by product attributes, including name, price, color, and description.
  • The extension is seamlessly compatible with all Magento 2 search engines, according to Plumrocket.
  • Optimized for users using tablets, PCs, and mobile phones.
  • Admins can use Magento 2’s backend to activate keywords and category suggestions.
  • Product search results include a thumbnail, the price, a rating, and a brief description.

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The bottom line is your customers need the ability to robustly search through all your products and services with ease. Even the best Magento 2 search extensions each have their own specialties and drawbacks. It’s usually hard to pick between all the solutions offered to ecommerce websites.

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