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November 01, 2021

Learn about our single-server solutions for bare metal environments. This article covers server documentation for the single Secure Isolated Platform (SIP) server setups — SIP 400 and SIP 500.

Often our dedicated server solutions are custom-built. Here are some product page resources by web application to help understand the options involved:

Feel free to reach out to our team regarding your unique requirements using the last link in the bulleted list above.

What to expect from Nexcess SIP servers

Learn about our single-server solutions for bare metal environments

Custom configuration

Tailor your dedicated server for any purpose with granular control.

Done-for-you management

We monitor and manage the server side with our proven systems.

Guaranteed support

Get help with almost any hosting or PHP application issue 24/7/365.

Dedicated IP

Our advanced server configuration eliminates the need for multiple IPs.

Proven hardware

Modern, reliable SSDs deliver enterprise-class performance.


Nexcess infrastructure is Payment Card Industry (PCI), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II compliant.

Cost efficiency

We limit usage-based pricing to save you money.

Secure Isolated Platform (SIP) server documentation and technical specifications

There are no hard limits on PHP workers in order to enable easy scaling of worker values without paying more. Find the SIP 400 and SIP 500 server documentation and technical specifications below.

SIP 400 server documentation

SIP 400 server documentation

SIP 500 server documentation

SIP 500 server documentation

Included services for managed SIP servers


  • 24/7/365 digital, onsite server monitoring
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • 24/7/365 application expertise
  • 24/7/365 DevOps support


  • RAID protection
  • Server security hardening
  • Automatic OS / stack updates
  • Free SSLs
  • ModSec firewall
  • Malware quarantine

Optional and free

  • Reboots
  • Open VPN
  • DNS
  • Email
  • Secondary domains

Peace of mind

  • Free migrations
  • Daily backups
  • Optimized for your needs
  • Transparent pricing
  • Service alerts
  • Proactive server management

Affordable add-ons for dedicated servers

ThreatDown add-on for SIP customers — cyber defense and threat management

Stay on top of compliance with anomaly detection managed by Nexcess. Find out how ThreatDown powered by Malwarebytes assists with cybersecurity. Talk to our team to learn if the ThreatDown add-on is available with the SIP server solution you have with us.

What is the ThreatDown cyber defense system?

ThreatDown is a comprehensive security platform that provides real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, and compliance solutions for servers, endpoints, and cloud environments. Its features include:

  • Real-time threat detection and response
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • Security configuration and policy management
  • Endpoint security and endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Network security monitoring and threat detection
  • Cloud security monitoring and threat detection

What does ThreatDown do?

ThreatDown's platform aims to unify security solutions, enabling organizations to detect and respond to threats more effectively. It provides a single platform for threat detection, incident response, and security management, helping to streamline security operations and reduce risk.

By providing real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, and compliance solutions, ThreatDown helps organizations protect their servers, endpoints, and cloud environments from cyber threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

Who can get the ThreatDown add-on?

"At this time, Nexcess dedicated and enterprise customers are eligible to add the ThreatDown security service. This includes SIP plans, bare metal servers, dedicated cloud solutions, and enterprise server cluster environments.

Customers should make note of the fact that they will not have access to ThreatDown's OneView portal, but that our team will be leveraging the platform's entire suite of tools to optimize cyber defense on a per-customer basis."

In most scenarios, Nexcess dedicated server customers are eligible to add the ThreatDown security service. This includes SIP plans, bare metal servers, dedicated cloud solutions, and enterprise server cluster environments.

Development sites

Clone, stage, and test your site without using SIP resources. Find out more about development sites at Nexcess.

SIP server billing

SIP servers can be billed annually or month-to-month, whichever you prefer. No contract is required. Overage fees are rare but may occur for bandwidth ($.50/GB).

Get a quote

Let us create a single server solution that saves you time and money:

General Nexcess support resources

Refer to the following general support resources:

Other support areas and related server documentation

You can also refer to the following related support and server documentation by area:

Navigating Nexcess product documentation

To enable easy adoption and efficient use, Nexcess is transparent about our portfolio of web hosting products and services. We encourage our clients to delve into our product details as needed. We focus on empowering our customers with knowledge transfer, so that they can administer their Nexcess hosting plans with great success — no matter the size of the websites involved.

Find hosting products for every project

Expert support, elite performance, and ultra-flexible infrastructure. Nexcess raises the bar on hosting.

Using the links below, you will find detailed documentation that covers all facets of using and optimizing our products and services:

Nexcess is committed to delivering the highest quality technology and performance to our customers. As we continue to explore new avenues of growth and development, product documentation may change.


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