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Locating your FTPS credentials in managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting

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November 07, 2019

FTPS is a secure file transfer protocol available in most FTP clients, including FileZilla and Cyberduck.  Your Cloud environment does not accept plain FTP connections, but it will accept FTPS connections.  Please ensure that you’ve configured your FTP client to connect via FTPS which is FTP over TLS.

Credentials for FTPS access are available in Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting and are found within the home page of each individual site management page. This article will walk you through the steps to find your FTPS login information.


It is not advised to share passwords. Please generate a new password each time you need to log into FTPS to protect your site from compromise.

FTPS Credentials

Step 1: Access cloud account dashboard

Log in to your Managed WordPress or WooCommerce Portal. From the home page, click Services > Plans.

Step 2: Select account

Either click its name, or select Plan Dashboard from the menu toggle.

Step 3: Create or edit credentials


  1. Select MENU > ACCESS.\

  2. In the Secure FTP Account Management section, click Add or Edit, as desired

  3. Enter the Username (1), Password (2), and Home Directory (3). Click Add (or Submit if editing) when ready.


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