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Category : other-best-practices
September 10, 2019

How Nexcess limits bad bots

We block and restrict bots that tend to create performance issues for clients’ websites, although you may ask our support team to grant access to restricted bots as necessary.
September 10, 2019

How to block IPs with .htaccess

How to block IPs specific to various countries from accessing your site.
September 06, 2019

How to use the Nexcess Secure Password Generator

Learn how to use the Nexcess Secure Password Generator to create a secure password or evaluate one. It is critical that you use a complex, secure password to harden your Nexcess hosting account.
September 06, 2019

How to use two-factor authentication in the Client Portal

Learn how to use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in the Nexcess Client Portal to add another layer of security. You can use a two-factor application or a receive a code via SMS for authentication.
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