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Scope of support for Managed Magento

January 25, 2023

Our Managed Magento hosting platform is supported by the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting and backed by the industry’s best guarantees. When running a successful online business, having reliable and secure Managed Magento services from your hosting provider is essential.

When looking for a Managed Magento hosting provider, choosing one that provides a wide range of services and support is important. Let's review the scope of support offered by Nexcess and why it is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality Managed Magento services and hosting.

Support availability

Our team is available 24/7/365 to provide assistance on a wide array of requests relating to our Managed Magento platform and the features we offer.

We work through queue-based support systems that enable us to handle requests in the order in which we receive them, however, if you have an urgent request, please reach out to our phone support for immediate assistance.

Modules, themes, and integrations

Our Managed Magento platform supports industry-leading plugins and themes. Our experts can provide advice on how to configure and utilize these plugins. With custom themes and third-party plugins, our experts provide guidance and recommendations. Our team can analyze logs and other errors and advise on the best course of action and alternate solutions.

Because we have fine-tuned our platform, occasionally custom code may conflict with our Managed Magento system. Modifying or developing code is handled by your development team. If a problem stems from a paid module or theme, the best channel to request support is with your developers directly. Free plugins and themes are supported directly via vendors and Magento forums. In all cases, our experts will recommend modules and themes that are supported by best practices and can be integrated into our platforms.

If you don’t have a developer, we can match you with one of our partners based on your project, just ask the Sales Team for help or fill out a quick questionnaire so that we can assist.

Website development and optimization

You know your business and you know how you want to project your message to your customers. Developing your website is critical and typically entails unique coding, integrations with third-party systems and data-inserts/management.

Our team understands how important this process is to your success and can advise your development team. However, coding, debugging code, website design/development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), third-party modules and customization are outside the scope of support. Our agency partners are a wonderful resource should such issues arise.

Once your website is developed, you need it to hum for your customers. Your service comes standard with many optimizations such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache tweaks based on our long experience with Magento. Besides hosting your website on the latest technologies, our technicians can also provide assistance by request on performance optimization for your Magento stores.

Website security

Keeping your website, data and customers secure is critical to your success. As your partner, Nexcess ensures the data center infrastructure, platform hardware, and layers of application software are up-to-date and secure:

Upon request, we can also consult with you and your developers on how you can secure your individual sites, for safety or for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance. However, due to the customizations and unique development you create for each website, individual site security is ultimately your responsibility.

Data and third-party services

Your data is critical. In many cases, it is your entire business. Which is why you will never see our team touch your data. Unless we have your written direction, we will not delete your data or your code/development efforts.

In addition, your databases and their optimizations are vital. We can advise on database connectivity and performance issues. However, we do not troubleshoot queries, or add/delete data. For critical database issues, we recommend you contact a professional DBA.

Services that are handled outside of Nexcess (for instance, DNS management, security services, CDN services or backups when provided by a third party) are not supported by our technicians. Agency partners can perform configurations or customizations with third-party services.

We have trusted specialists, partners, and agencies to assist with needs outside of our scope of support. For additional information on these providers please contact our solutions team.

We will work with our Agency Partners to give you everything you need for success:

NexcessAgency Partner
Supports industry-leading plugins and themesDevelops, customizes, and debugs plugins and themes.
Facilitates log and error investigations.Recodes sites based on errors found.
Provides platform optimization, versioning, and updates — including MySQL, PHP, and Apache tweaks.Develops site customizations, optimizations, and any non-standard coding work.
Performs platform upkeep for the technology stack involved with you Managed Magento solution hosted by Nexcess.Enhances the application with custom coding, debugging code, website design, SEO, third-party modules, and other forms of customizations.
Maintains security features, including IP blacklisting, bad bot limiting, and the Web Application Firewall (WAF).Implements any additional site-specific security needs based on your unique requirements.

Managed Magento services, solutions, and plans at Nexcess

Managed Magento services are designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive hosting solution for their ecommerce website. These services vary in price and size, offering different levels of resources to meet the specific needs of each business.

Ultimately, the most suitable Managed Magento service for a particular business will depend on its size, budget, and specific hosting requirements. Nexcess Managed Magento services and plans offer a range of hosting options for businesses of all different sizes.

Topnotch Managed Magento services and hosting plans

When it comes to selecting a Managed Magento hosting provider, it is vital to consider the scope of support they provide. Ours has been provided above for your reference.

Nexcess is one of the leading providers of Managed Magento services, offering a range of hosting features designed to ensure your website remains up and running at all times. In fact, Nexcess technologists have been supplying Magento services well over a decade now since the platform first came to life.

Robust Managed Magento hosting plans

Futureproof features for an evolving Managed Magento platform from the company where Magento got its start.

With an experienced team of certified professionals, Nexcess delivers the highest quality services to ensure your online store runs at peak performance. Nexcess is a leading managed hosting provider offering specialized solutions for Magento services and other ecommerce platforms.

For years, Magento users have sought out and trusted Nexcess hosting. We provide a complete suite of cloud hosting plans designed to meet the needs of any size business. In addition, customers can be sure that their Magento store will run reliably and efficiently on our world-class infrastructure.

Nexcess also offers numerous additional features and services, including free 24/7 support. At Nexcess, customers can rest assured that their ecommerce sites are always secure and up to date. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock technical support, customers can trust that their store is in good hands with Nexcess.

About the history of the Magento platform on Nexcess servers

The savvy Magento admin should be aware of the long history Nexcess has in hosting the Magento ecommerce platform:

"In fact, the earliest versions of Magento were built on Nexcess' servers as we were the first to offer a pre-packaged hosting solution configured to optimized Magento." ~ Carrie Wheeler EVP & COO, Nexcess

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Note about the original publication date

This article was originally published in May 2020. It has since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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