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We've enhanced the appearance of our portal and we're working on updating screenshots. Things might look different, but the functionality remains the same.
August 05, 2022

At Nexcess we have our own Client Portal and Nexcess Panel to manage your web hosting features, making it simple for you to manage the hosting from your end.

What is a Web Host?

A Web Host is a company that sells or leases memory space on its web servers so that individuals or organizations can maintain their websites. In support of the hosted websites, a Web Host also offers managed infrastructure, databases, services, applications, and CDNs.

Serious web hosting is done in a data center, which provides services to clients that enable them to publish websites on the Internet. A Web Host may also provide data center space and an Internet connection for web servers owned by third parties.

What is a Web Hosting Panel?

A Web Hosting Control Panel (also referred to as an admin panel) is a graphical user interface (usually in the form of a web-based interface) that is accessible online and provides tools for managing the web hosting account, web server, infrastructure, databases, applications, managed services, and the website or websites themselves, including production, staging, and development instances.

The Nexcess Web Hosting Platform offers a breadth of managed applications services. Even though there are services like Flexible Cloud Hosting and Enterprise Hosting, Nexcess’ flagship product offering is the portfolio of managed hosting for the WordPress, Magento, and WooCommerce web applications. Industry insiders agree that Nexcess is considered as one of the best hosting providers based on the product features, quality of infrastructure/application technology stack, and support.

When moving your website to Nexcess Hosting, you may use our migration service by submitting a migration request from the Nexcess Client Portal. You simply need to submit the migration request with details of the site that needs migration. The following article will be helpful when submitting your migration request to Nexcess Web Hosting:

Nexcess Web Hosting Migration Form Explained

Access to the Nexcess Panel is essential for managing your hosted sites with Nexcess. If your password needs to be reset, you may reset it using the Forgot Password option on the Nexcess login page.

Overview of the Nexcess Portal & the Nexcess Panel

The Client Portal and Nexcess Panel are used to manage your web hosting features, making it simple for you to manage all aspected of your hosting plan. Like any web hosting admin panel, the one provided by Nexcess provides custom features that may vary according to the hosting product being used. The Nexcess Client Portal is accessible for all registered clients of Nexcess and there is a hepful guide for reference:

Nexcess Portal Guide

The Nexcess SiteWorx Panel is a secondary panel used to manage each site hosted on the server. It helps Nexcess clients manage email settings, databases, domains, statistics, and files on physical servers. It was for non-cloud hosting initially, but it's now available for cloud hosting. You may get a straightforward idea of what the SiteWorx Control Panel is by reading related articles we have available online.

The Nexcess Portal has been updated to improve where information can be found. Accordingly, you will notice new navigational menu options that now show in the Nexcess Panel. A number of functionality and interface modifications have been rolled out. The menu options, providing richer functionality in the subject areas of Credentials Management and Analytics, are new to the navigational layout, but in some cases, they just bring to the forefront some existing features. The Nexcess Knowledge Base is a valuable guide for discovering many aspects of the updated Nexcess Panel.

View Nexcess Hosting Plans

Nexcess Login & Managing Your Nexcess Web Hosting Account

With regard to the Client Portal and Nexcess Panel, the core functionality included in the portal shows the details (such as DNS and billing information) for your hosting plans:

- Managed WordPress

- Managed WooCommerce

- Managed Magento

Your hosting type, including cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting is viewable as well. Furthermore, support ticket options can be taken and managed from the portal:

Once you login to the Nexcess portal, you will be able to find the basic options like Plan (showing the plans that you are having), DNS (the DNS zone managing), SSL etc.

Once you log in to the Nexcess Portal, you can dive deeper into the details of your plan or plans, including the DNS zone and SSL information, and other important details.

Please ensure you click the Show More option to expand the viewable options and features of the admin panel. With each of the WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento products, the options shown in the Client Portal will be a bit different as the applications are different.

Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed WooCommerce Hosting puts your WordPress and WooCommerce site management at your fingertips and provides you with tools and resources to keep your sites running at optimally.

After adding a new site, you can control WordPress updates, manage domain name changes, push the site live, download access and error logs, and so much more. See all the control options you have for your sites in our article Managing Your Sites in Managed WordPress Portal.

For the WordPresss product, the Nexcess Panel will contain the following options:

For the WordPress panel, you will be initially seeing a panel with following options.

As you click on the Show More option, you will find the entire feature list as follows:

As you click on the show more options you will find the entire feature lists as follows.

The Magento 2 application is a popular open-source ecommerce platform. In fact, Magento 2 is the most used CMS (Content Management System) to create online stores worldwide due to its powerful and scalable architecture. It is compatible with the latest technologies such as PHP 7, which means faster load time in compared to Magento 1.

Moreover, Magento 2 allows the user to update the ecommerce website automatically. The Magento 2 Go-Live Checklist will help you manage your go live with your application. The Magento Administration features contained within Nexcess Panel are limited, so the SiteWorx Control Panel allows you to manage the application more efficiently.

For Magento 2, the core options shown in the Nexcess Panel sre the same as those shown for WordPress. At Nexcess, depending on the product, we provide a staging hosting environment and/or a development hosting environments for the managed cloud plans. To be more specific, for Managed Magento plans, a development environment is available. For Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce plans, we provide both staging and development hosting environments.

All to these environments are found under the Sites menu option:

For Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce, we provide both staging and development hosting environments.

Clicking the Show More option allows you to access the advanced options like SSL, Containers, Control Panel, and more:

On clicking the show more option, you would be seeing the advanced options like SSL, control panel access etc.

The Control Panel access is only possible for Magento 2 plans. For WordPress plans, you may contact the support to assist you with any issues you have related to this area of website management.

Consider Managed Hosting with Nexcess

Nexcess provides the needed level of automation to all routine website administration tasks that require technical knowledge and skills. Our Nexcess Client Portal is specifically designed to help website owners manage all technical aspects of their hosting plans leveraging a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Our fully managed hosting plans are optimized for the chosen platform to provide you with the best approach to website hosting. Enhanced security, better performance, high flexibility, and great scaling options for a reasonable price are just some of the benefits a website owner gets by choosing one of the Nexcess Managed Hosting Plans.

Not a Nexcess customer yet? Check out our plans to get started today.

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