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July 20, 2022

In web hosting, migration is an inevitable part of the business. As a result, our "helpful humans" working for the Nexcess Web Hosting division provide a valued set of migration service options for our customers. Our clients may migrate a website to Nexcess Web Hosting on their own or have our migration team do it for free.

You may use our migration service by submitting a migration request from the Nexcess Portal. You need to submit the Migration Request with appropriate details pertaining to the site being migrated. This article will help guide you through the migration request process.

Nexcess Web Hosting: Migration Request

To process, schedule, and initiate the migration request, we need certain information about the site that needs migration. The following steps will provide a better understanding of the migration process. The migration process will also depend on a number of factors, including domain(s), storage needs, bandwidth, etc.

The first question to answer is how many sites need to be migrated?

Requestion Migration: How Many Sites

To prepare for a migration, we need to know how many sites are to be migrated to the Nexcess Web Hosting platform. So please ensure that the Nexcess Product & Plan selected will accommodate all the sites that you wish to migrate. The number of sites that need to be migrated should be equal to or less than the number of sites/domains that can be added to the plan. 

Step 1: General Information

For this step, we need the basic customer information, including name, mailing address, phone number, the destination Nexcess Plan, and Nexcess features that best meet your needs:

Requestion Migration: General Information

Please note that the country code needs and phone number are mandatory field.

Step 2: Website Information

For this step, you need to provide domain and corresponding details that need to be migrated to Nexcess Web Hosting:

Website Information

One important question to answer is where is the website moving from? You may select an entry from the majority web hosting companies in the industry. If your web hosting company is not listed, you may select Other from the picklist. In that case, you need to provide the company name as well:

Where is the Website Moving From

Another important question to answer is if this a multisite? For a multisite/multistore, you need to provide the multisite configuration in the form provided:

Is This a Multisite

The next option comes with the DNS hosting. If the DNS is not managed by Nexcess Web Hosting or Liquid Web, the DNS change needs to be facilitated by the customer with the appropriate company or entity. We cannot assist with DNS changes outside of our systems. When it is time to go live with your migrated site, you will be responsible for updating the DNS records:

Where is Your DNS Hosted

The migration request form ends with a text field where you may list any special requirements you have for the site that need to be taken care of by our support team. An example would be if there are any custom implementation settings or any non-standard software packages necessary on the web server for the site to go live:

Any Special Requirements

Step 3: Review & Submit

As you proceed with the review option in this step, you will see the summary for the submitted migration request form:

Summary for the Submitted Migration Request Form

Upon submitting the migration request form, it will create a tracking ticket for our migration team, and they will follow up with you with regard to next steps.

Multiple Domains

For more than one site migration, you should have selected “I have more than 1 site to migrate in beginning of the process in respect to the first question asking how many sites need to be migrated. If that is the case, you will see the additional prompt with the Site List details.

Using the downloadable CSV or Excel file provided, the details of the multiple domains that require migration to Nexcess Web Hosting can be captured and documented.

In the provided spreadsheet form (the downloadable CSV or Excel file provided), you need to provide the following details in the respective columns for each domain:

1. Site Name

2. Source Information
- Source login URL
- Source PHP Version
- Source IP

3. Source SSH Credentials
- User
- Host
- Port
- Password

4. Source Credentials (Admin Panel Access)

- Username
- Password

5. Final Sync 
(if needed or not)

With the above details being filled in for the domains that need to be moved to Nexcess Web Hosting, you may upload the file and click Request Mitigation.

For Nexcess Web Hosting, you may proceed with the migration of the domain on your own. Our clients are enabled with FTP and SSH access to their Nexcess accounts. You may find the SSH/SFTP access credentials from the admin panel itself.

For the Managed WordPress users, you may follow our article to guide you through the self-migration process. The WordPress/WooCommerce site migration is relatively simple and could be taken care of by following our guide.

Our migration team needs to check the information, schedule the migration, and initiate the migration in a normal scenario. The timeframes for each migration to get processed will vary based on several variables.

As part of this effort, usually, we need advance notice of 24 hours or more to schedule a final sync. Our team will be confirming the time with you so that you can provide us with a time frame convenient for you.

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