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If you’ve recently switched hosting providers or started a new website, the first few days are a critical time for DNS propagation. Our free DNS checker provides a free lookup service to check how far your domain has propagated or if there have been any problems.
Check what DNS servers around the world are reporting for your domain below. Enter your domain name and click lookup.

Frequently Asked DNS Questions

What is DNS?

DNS - or domain name system - is a phonebook of every address on the internet.
The DNS system translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, which is then used to connect users to the content they’re looking for.

Why Checking DNS Propagation Matters

When you register a new domain name, your registrar must link the human-readable URL with your IP address.
This process is usually straightforward. However, in the event of propagation errors, our free online DNS checker can quickly see if your new domain is properly linked up (or not).

What are DNS Record Types?

There are several different types of DNS records that each hold different information about the registered domain.
Learn more about domain name service records be clicking below.
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