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Benefits of Using Nexcess Global DNS Records

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June 16, 2021

Your site could load up to 1 second faster if you point your nameservers to Nexcess DNS.  To get the best performance out of your site, we recommend taking advantage of Nexcess's free global DNS product by pointing your nameservers to Nexcess.  Using our Nexcess nameservers not only improves load time, it provides a seamless transition during the migration process.  We have a terrific blog post outlining the benefits, learn how here.

Lightning Fast Performance and Recovery

Ecommerce sites rely on performance and speed to ensure the best customer experience.  With our global nameservers, you not only get that performance but peace of mind.  We can also help with troubleshooting DNS, updating records, and getting your website up and running quickly after migration or development changes.

Fast, Free, Safe and Simple

Nexcess DNS is a multiple redundancy Domain Name Service that provides low-latency name resolution for customers regardless of where they are. It is provided free to customers, boasts 100% uptime, and demonstrates reliability. 

How to Take Advantage of Nexcess Global DNS

We have an awesome article outlining how to do this yourself here. If you’re nervous, don’t worry! We have a fully knowledgeable staff that will be happy to assist -- just call, chat or open a ticket.

Enjoy the convenience of trusting your hosting and DNS is in capable hands so you can focus on what matters: selling!

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