Domain Registration FAQ

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Who is the domain Registrant?

The Registrant for all domains purchased through Nexcess is the owner of the domain name.

Who are domains bought through Nexcess registered with?

Domains bought through Nexcess are registered with Tucows.

Is my personal information protected?

We make use of WHOIS privacy in order to protect your privacy and personally identifiable information during domain registration.

How do I point my domain name to my DNS?

Follow this guide to take you through the process of pointing your domain name at the Nexcess DNS service.
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How often do I have to renew my domain?

You can renew your domain up to once per year. The maximum renewal period is 10 years. You will be contacted before your domain expires.

What is the validation process?

The validation process is a 15 day period during which the Registrant must provide an affirmative response. They can do this by clicking the link in an email sent to them by OpenSRS and confirming registration of the domain.

Can I check my domain validation status?

You can check the validation status of your domain by following this article.
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What is a suspended domain?

When a domain is suspended, it will be prevented from resolving and placed in “Clienthold” status.

Why has my domain been suspended?

Your domain may be suspended due to no payment having been received or due to it not being verified.

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