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Benefits of using your site's CNAME Target

August 02, 2021

We strongly recommend using Nexcess Global DNS as the best practice for your site’s DNS.   If you are unable to configure custom name servers, or are looking to set up an A record, we recommend a CNAME record that points to the CNAME Target listed in your portal instead.

Using Nexcess Global DNS or your site’s CNAME Target provides your site with several advantages.  Specifically, it allows our support team to seamlessly modify what IP address your site is pointing towards.  The end result is a quicker IP change that take less time to go into effect where our team can make the change on your behalf.

Note that if you are using Nexcess Global DNS, you inherently gain these benefits and will not need to make use of the CNAME Target with your site.

Below are a few examples of real world situations where the flexibility and speed of using Nexcess Global DNS or the CNAME Target would be beneficial:

Quicker Migrations

If you ever decide to move your site to another hosting plan within our platform, sites already using Nexcess Global DNS or the CNAME Target can be migrated seamlessly without requiring your direct action.  The migration would start with our migration team as normal.  However, no action would be required on your part to point your site’s domain to its new host.  Our team would internally update the necessary records, and your site would seamlessly switch to its new location.

Quicker Attack Mitigation

In the unlikely event that your site is targeted by high volumes of malicious traffic, use of Nexcess Global DNS or the CNAME Target host affords our support team with additional options to relocate your site with no changes required from yourself.  While not always part of the solution to an attack, a site configured this way allows our support team to migrate the site to another host quickly and without long DNS propagation times.

My Situation Still Requires an IP Address

Still looking for your IP? While the CNAME Target should be usable in virtually every situation where you might otherwise use an IP, you can still find your current site IP address within the portal located on the Environment page of the Site Dashboard.

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

Brian Oates