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September 29, 2023

Stewarding optimal performance, the WordPress SiteKeep service monitors site heath, updates WordPress/WooCommerce components, and implements necessary design/content tweaks for you. The resulting time and money savings, robust performance, and vigilant site surveillance allows website owners to concentrate on other aspects of their core business.

Starting the week of October 11, 2023, Nexcess introduces its customers to our new WordPress SiteKeep service.

What is included with our SiteKeep service?

As part of this service offering, the available WordPress/WooCommerce maintenance packages shall include:

  • Pricing that starts at $50 per month for smaller or recently launched sites
  • Frequent WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates
  • A set number of website design and content changes according to your selected WordPress SiteKeep service plan size: SiteKeep Starter, SiteKeep Plus, or SiteKeep Pro (see below for more details)
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for new content creation
  • A proven and skilled technical support team of well-seasoned WordPress/WooCommerce experts
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee

Turn into a website owner with peace of mind

With the WordPress SiteKeep service, now you can rest easier as a website owner while you put upkeep "on autopilot" with Nexcess.

We monitor your WordPress/WooCommerce platform and address any technical issues and software updates — so you will always know that ongoing maintenance action items have been taken care of.

Welcome to WordPress SiteKeep! We are eager to see customers reap the benefits of the service.

A note about Nexcess in the context of the "WordPress ecosystem"

Nexcess is considered a leader in the WordPress and WooCommerce hosting space. Our technology and application stack has been constructed specifically to deliver the best performance for those platforms. For example, we offer more PHP workers than other WordPress hosting providers to guarantee a superb visitor experience.

Advanced products, services, and add-ons from Nexcess help the WordPress community using our servers go to the next level when it comes to site health, functionality, ecommerce sales, growth, security, and more. Indeed, WordPress admins trust Nexcess as a foundation on which build killer sites!

Know that WordPress pros are watching your website for you

For the WordPress platform we run — including those sites with instances of WooCommerce on them — reliability and security are at the top our technical team's priority list. Our team of 24/7 web hosting technicians proactively manages critical software updates and any needed issue resolutions that come up.

For the sites in our care, keeping them running smoothly and up to date is our keen focus. Nothing can divert us from this priority. We want our clients to be able to run other parts of their business knowing online operations are in good hands. Our reputation in the industry depends on it.

Be confident that site monitoring and fixing occurs on your behalf

Advanced tools and diagnostics inform our 24/7 team of fix agents at Nexcess (and you) in real time when any malicious hacks or technical problems are found.

If you have signed up for the WordPress SiteKeep service with us, troubleshooting and site health restoration steps start from the moment issues are discovered by our monitoring infrastructure.

Review the month reporting and website traffic details emailed to you

On a monthly basis, the WordPress SiteKeep service tracks website traffic, software updates, and other optimizations performed by Nexcess as part of the regular maintenance work included with the service. These emails allow you to look over the SiteKeep-related details at your convenience via the routine email notifications.

Select a SiteKeep Starter, SiteKeep Plus, or SiteKeep Pro plan based on your needs

The size and scope of each SiteKeep package vary to best match your requirements for WordPress/WooCommerce maintenance:

Select a SiteKeep Starter, SiteKeep Plus, or SiteKeep Pro plan for WordPress maintenance. The size and scope of each package vary to correspond to your requirements.

Where are the answers to common questions about this WordPress/WooCommerce maintenance service?

The week of October 11, 2023, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section found at the bottom of the Nexcess product page for the WordPress SiteKeep service is where you can see the list of answers to common inquires our staff has received. A quick summary is provided below for your convenience.

Question #1: What does the WordPress SiteKeep service entail?

Answer: Nexcess looks after the continuous health of your website. The scope of the WordPress maintenance service for Nexcess account holders includes software updates for WordPress and WooCommerce core/plugins/themes, site backups, security monitoring, content additions, bug fixes or error resolutions, and support from experts.

Question #2: Why is ongoing WordPress site maintenance so critical?

Answer: Because of its popularity, the WordPress/WooCommerce platform is often the target of "bad actors" looking for opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities. Let Nexcess partner with you to keep WordPress rock solid and hackerproof. This outcome is achieved by keeping your website's components and infrastructure updated, protected, and monitored in order to minimize risks and fix problems proactively.

Question #3: Is there an hourly fee involved with the WordPress SiteKeep service work performed?

Answer: Other web hosting providers charge you on an hourly basis for similar services, which can generate unplanned ad hoc expenses. We bill your selected WordPress maintenance package at a set price by month, so the answer to this question is no.

Question #4: Is WordPress SiteKeep available if you have several websites hosted with Nexcess?

Answer: Each website will have its own WordPress maintenance package in this scenario, which is feasible, yes.

Question #5: How are design and content tweaks defined by Nexcess?

Answer: The content updates by our team may optimize pages or blogs. These changes can also bring in new content — including some generated by AI if you prefer. Our staff will collaborate with your personnel to redesign elements of your WordPress/WooCommerce website as requested. So, the answer to this general question is that SiteKeep changes can cover various tasks.

Question #6: Where does a customer order the WordPress SiteKeep service for a website hosted with Nexcess?

Answer: Reaching out to our support team with your request to add the WordPress SiteKeep service is one way to put the order in. At Nexcess, we take pride in the topnotch technology we offer our customers. We always want to facilitate a curated approach for you online operations when you contact us.

Alternatively, after the WordPress SiteKeep service launches, you can use the corresponding options available within the Nexcess Client Portal to place the order on a per website basis.

Question #7: Is there service similar to WordPress SiteKeep available for Magento?

Answer: Although we do offer resources and information related to updating, maintaining, and securing the Magento platform, the SiteKeep service is only available for WordPress and WooCommerce applications.

Question #8: How can Nexcess customers get started with WordPress SiteKeep?

Answer: Why wait? Do not hesitate to start your SiteKeep service today to begin managing your WordPress/WooCommerce site administration workload in a less burdensome way. There are multiple avenues for reaching out to our staff:

Are you ready for the next steps on your web hosting path with Nexcess?

Do you desire to offload your WordPress/WooCommerce administration site tasks and troubles to someone else? Are you ready to save time and money with regard to performing tedious website maintenance work or managing nerve-racking responses to site disruptions?

Find powerful hosting for web applications

Whether you're creating a brand new site or looking for better hosting, we can help you find the right product or customized plan to help you get there.

We have a solution. Nexcess keeps your site running strongly and smoothly 24 hours a day with the WordPress SiteKeep service. Contact us now to get it going — and learn to expect more from your host, including advanced services such as SiteKeep!

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