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September 29, 2023

Stellar websites that shine have form, functionality, and hosting architecture that perform well — after having a thought-out web design implemented from ideation to the go-live event.

We should know, we've been running successful websites for decades. These recurring principles get incorporated into the overall design of any site we touch at Nexcess.

If the design aspects involved with your fresh WordPress or WooCommerce website development project are candidates for handing off to a technology professional, let Nexcess prove our worth to you. We will take care of everything related to the "look at feel" of your new online presence.

Speed up the launch date for your website with Nexcess design services

With efficiency and timely delivery, our savvy team will produce a polished website on your behalf. Working closely with your staff and the requirements you provide, Nexcess web experts thrive when building out impactful and flourishing online content for our clients. Our professional design services can be added to any WordPress or WooCommerce site hosted with us.

Expect — and get — a high-quality website design

The outcome will be highly functional, clean, and eye-catching in manner intended to make fans and convert ecommerce audiences alike. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on growing your business and running offline operations.

Website design services from Nexcess can both deliver the quality you want and accelerate the go-live schedule for your company's online venture:

Design services by Nexcess for WordPress and WooCommerce websites bring to life superb aesthetics, robust features, and superior performance — all with an accelerated launch date.

What is included with our design services?

Beginning the week of October 11, 2023, Nexcess introduces new design services for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. The available WordPress/WooCommerce design packages shall include:

  • One-time fees that start at $750 for a small or emerging website
  • Compelling homepage crafted just for your business
  • A set of subpages tailored to your requirements and according to your selected design service plan size: Starter, Plus, or Pro (see below for more details)
  • WordPress/WooCommerce implementation
  • Fully functional web blog capability
  • SEO-friendly design sitewide using a consistent style guide
  • Web traffic analytics setup and tools
  • Access to our proven support team of WordPress/WooCommerce professionals

We are excited to facilitate the launch of your new website. In the process, you will be taking advantage our website design acumen accumulated over years of experience working with the mature WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

Choose a Starter, Plus, or Pro design option based on your scope

There are three WordPress/WooCommerce website design packages and price points based on your scope of work and the size of the project:

There are three WordPress/WooCommerce website design packages and price points based on your scope of work and the size of the project.

About the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms at Nexcess

We are an industry leader when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. To produce the best performance for these platforms, our application stack has been specifically optimized. As just one example, our clients' hosted websites have more PHP workers dedicated per site than other WordPress hosts to enhance the overall level of site responsiveness.

The WordPress community trusts Nexcess, period. Site health and monitoring, functionality, ecommerce sales, and accommodated traffic growth, and security are just some of benefits of putting your site on our servers.

Furthermore, we also offer a suite of smart web application products, services, and add-ons that the discerning website owner will leverage to gain performance and better online business results.

Activating design services in the Nexcess Client Portal

After our Nexcess-provided design services launches, you can use the corresponding user interface options available within the Nexcess Client Portal to place the order on a per website basis. For WordPress or WooCommerce, click on the Design Services option within that site’s navigation menu.

Once ordered, our web hosting professionals will create a turnkey WordPress or WooCoommerce website specific to your business needs. We collaborate with you closely to develop a website in line with your specifications.

How can Nexcess customers get started with design services?

We are eager to get your WordPress or WooCoommerce website started. There are several methods for reaching out to our staff:

Get started with WordPress and WooCommerce using Nexcess design services

Is offloading the WordPress/WooCommerce website design process part of your organization's game plan? Do you seek seasoned pros who know the platforms well? If so, we have a solution — design services from Nexcess.

Managed WordPress hosting plans

Procure cloud hosting optimized for WordPress. We have speedy, secure, scalable, and more PHP workers than any other provider. Get free instant access to staging, SSLs, daily backups, unlimited email, premium plugins, a curated WordPress stack, and more.

Website hosting and SiteKeep maintenance resources available

Do you want to save time and money handling website maintenance work or responding to site disruptions?

With our SiteKeep service for WordPress and WooCommerce websites, Nexcess keeps your site healthy day in and say out. Beginning the week of October 11, 2023, you can sign up for SiteKeep and breathe easy!

Then, tap into our web hosting blog and knowledge base resources for learning in other areas of optimat website management.


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