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Configuring New Relic Monitoring

February 07, 2020

Our Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Control Panel now has integrated support for New Relic Monitoring.

New Relic helps store owners find performance bottlenecks. You can  find out which database queries are the slowest and which plugins or hooks are the most time consuming.

Nexcess does not provide New Relic accounts. You will need to sign up and create your own account at New Relic.

  1. Log into your account at New Relic and retrieve your license key.

  1. Login to your portal on Nexcess for Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce.

  1. In the portal find the site you want to monitor and under the integrations tab scroll down to the New Relic performance monitoring section. 

  2. Add your New Relic license key and then click on the Enable button. 

  1. In order to send data from your site to New Relic you will need to install a plugin from wp-admin on your site. From the add plugins screen in wp-admin search for “new relic”, then you will need to install and activate the New Relic Reporting for WordPress plugin on your site.

If you have used WP-CLI before you can use it to install and activate the New Relic Reporting for WordPress plugin using this command;

wp plugin install wp-newrelic --activate

  1. Now when you are logged into your New Relic account for the application of the site you will notice a WordPress section which includes two sections one for hooks and another for plugins and themes.

New Relic will allow you to find slow queries, slow hooks as well as finding out which plugins or what functionality in your theme might be causing performance issues. You can also use the database tab to find out which queries are the most time consuming or have the slowest query time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nexcess support.

Patrick Rauland