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November 17, 2021

Powerful Nexcess Cloud website analytics are now at your fingertips! Launch your AWStats by the month and review all your statistics in the Client Portal! 

Nexcess Cloud: AWStats Now Available in the Client Portal for Managed WordPress Hosting & Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting customers have the ability to access web statistics through their portal via AWStats. View your web statistics graphically with this powerful feature.

Accessing AWStats for Managed WordPress Hosting & Managed WooCommerce Hosting

1. First, sign in to the portal as normal and visit the Site Dashboard for the domain for which you wish to access and view web statistics.

2. Click on the "Logs" navigation item on the left hand side:

3. Within the Logs view, you'll notice the new "Web Statistics" section off to the right:

4. At this point, you may pick from the available months in the dropdown menu and click "Launch AWStats" to go directly to the AWStats page for that month:

5. If you wish to view another month's statistics, you will need to close the AWStats page that was opened and relaunch another AWStats page through the dropdown menu in the portal.

Caveats & Other Special Behaviors

The portal has a discovery process for determining which statistics are actually available. This creates a few unique situations explained below:

  • If the site was created less than 24 hours ago, the portal can't be sure web statistics have been generated. In this situation, no months will be available for selection. Simply wait more than 24 hours since site creation and the current month will show in the dropdown menu.
  • You will not see the current calendar month as selectable until the second (2nd) day of the month. The portal doesn't know when statistics will be generated for each given site. So, it waits until Day 2 of a month before allowing that month as a choice. For example, "December" will not show even on December 1st. Once December 2nd rolls around, "December" will be available to choose.
  • The range of selectable months in the dropdown menu will start on the month that the site was created. The portal assumes statistics exist every month between then and the current month. In the event that the site does not actually have statistics for a given month, the customer will encounter an error page. This is a known behavior, although it should be unlikely for most sites. Simply know that if a specific month shows an error page, statistics for that month do not actually exist.

Because of these known caveats, this AWStats feature is labeled as "Beta" throughout the portal.

Resources for More Information

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Brian Oates
Brian Oates

Brian Oates is the Technical Project Manager for Nexcess. He brings 18 years of experience in the technology sector. He began work as an Assistant Technical Manager for Acenet. He became a Perl Developer at CPanel before being promoted to Product Owner. At Nexcess, he leads the product design of and delivered completed products that have enhanced the user experience of Nexcess customers.

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