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January 06, 2022

Find peace of mind regarding your Nexcess WooCommerce site by using the automated testing feature set! Study and learn from answers to common questions! 

WooCommerce Automated Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Nexcess WooCommerce Automated Testing feature set has launched! As a result, our WooCommerce customers are currently enjoying peace of mind knowing their automated testing alerts are available to them 24/7. 

What is WooCommerce Automated Testing? 

Going through and testing your website can be a bit of pain or somewhat overwhelming. With WooCommerce Automated Testing, you can be sure that you will be alerted to the essential features on your website that might be struggling, and you may not have even known it. Whether it’s your cart failing or a product page unable to load on your WooCommerce site, the WooCommerce Automated Testing feature set will allow you to see why.

What are the Downfalls of Not Using Our WooCommerce Automated Testing?

Some of the downfalls of not using Nexcess’ WooCommerce Automated Testing are the following:

  • The time you spend on manual testing will increase.

  • Some parts of your website might be inoperable without you noticing right away.

  • You can't rely on the monitoring system to inform you when something is functionally not working correctly.

Without performing complete end-to-end testing, you might see pages loading fine but not realize that customers are having a hard time logging in, for example, or maybe having a difficult time checking out a product within the cart. With our Automated Testing, you’ll be able to see whether or not there are issues in a specific portion of the shopping workflow from within the portal’s dashboard page. 

Do All WooCommerce Plans Come with Automated Testing?

We are pleased to have all of our Managed WooCommerce plans include this helpful feature with no extra cost.

How Do I Access My Automated Testing?

You can access your Automated Testing page inside of the WP Admin Portal under the Dashboard section. From there, you can view and interact with the WooCommerce testing output.

For more information on accessing or using the Automated Testing dashboard, please visit the How to Use the WooCommerce Automated Testing Feature article.

What Type of Automated Testing is Available?

With Automated Testing, there are a few different places on the website that will be tested. These tests are compiled from the most critical tasks within the WooCommerce website workflow:

  • Customers can log into account

  • The cart page loads

  • A single product page loads

  • The main shop page loads

  • A customer can add a product to their cart

  • A customer can reach the checkout page

  • A customer can check out as a guest

  • A registered customer can check out

How Do I See If Something is Wrong with My Site?

Within the portal dashboard page, you will see a list of the performed tests. If there are any tests that fail for a particular day, you will see a large O, and if a test passes, you will see a green checkmark for that day.

Is It Possible to Enable and Disable the Automated Testing Feature?

Yes, if you decide to disable the Automated Testing feature, you can. Keep in mind that when you have the WooCommerce Automated Testing disabled you won’t have the benefit easily seeing of being any potential issues on your website. Once you are ready to resume the automated testing, you can enable the feature by visiting the dashboard settings and sliding the toggle element to green. Once turned on, the benefits of your daily tests will resume.

Do Automated Tests Send Emails?

At this time, when an error occurs on your website, you are not emailed. To see any errors on your WooCommerce testing you will visit the dashboard inside your customer portal. If you are unsure of how to access the portal, please reference the Nexcess Portal Guide article. 

What Time Do the Tests Run Daily?

As long as you have WooCommerce Automated Testing enabled, the tests will be performed every 24 hours from when the feature was turned on.

How Does the System Know Which Product Page to Test?

WooCommerce Testing has the capability of testing a product page from your ecommerce website to be sure the page is loading for your customers. We accomplish this testing by creating a sample product that is categorized as hidden, so we are not testing on any of your actual products.

Does It Test a Customer Can Log In?

To test whether a customer can successfully log into their account during the automated testing period, we create a test customer specifically for that purpose. 

Does It Store Username/Password Outside of the System? 

No, fortunately, we have a secure API that allows us to reset the password while the test runs and have the password expire 15 minutes later. The great news about that no credentials being retained.

How Can I Get the Two Checkout Tasks to Run? 

We support checkout tests when the site has test keys configured for Stripe. Stripe is the payment processing software that is used with the WooCommerce sites.

How Does the System Know to Use Stripe in Test Mode? 

When the system processes the checkout, we include a specific flag that tells the site to use the test keys for this one transaction only. We do that so the system doesn’t confuse the test with legitimate purchases.

How Does the System Know to Use Stripe in Test Mode? 

When the system processes the checkout, we include a specific flag that tells the site to use the test keys for this one transaction only. We do that so the system doesn’t confuse the test with legitimate purchases.

Does Having WooCommerce Automated Testing Running Change the Data in Google Analytics? 

If a WCAT user has been used as is required for the setup of the automated testing feature that runs once a night, then when interpreting the pageview data in Google Analytics, the viewer of the data should take into account that the traffic numbers are inflated by a small number of extra internal and system-generated pageviews per day:

WooCommerce Automated Testing User

Including the setup of the WCAT user is a requirement for the corresponding feature. If an admin deletes the automated testing user, it will break the associated WCAT functionality. 

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