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Test Your Plugins...Automatically.
with Plugin Performance Monitor

Don’t let changes to your website slow you down
The Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor watches your site every day so you don’t just see the problem - you know how to fix it.
Never Wonder
About WordPress
Performance Again!
Graphic depicting levels of site performance
Check your performance score daily
Discover which plugins are slowing your site down
See how site changes impact your performance

Monitor Page Load Times & Page Weight

Not All Plugins Are Equal

How do you choose between two plugins that do basically the same thing? It's easy to know when you can test plugin performance.
Updates Plugin Impact

What if a plugin update makes your site perform worse than before? Now it's easy to see what's changed & the impact it's had on your site.
Designed For Everyone

The feedback that you get is written in everyday English so you don't need a computer science degree to know how to speed up your site.
Graphic depicting different site performance scores
Track Performance Over Time

The most critical dynamic when it comes to site performance is to see how it's changing over time. Then you can go back and see where performance dropped, and why.
Graphic depicting page performance
Evaluate Page Performance

It's not enough to have a single site (or store) score. You need to be able to evaluate page performance regularly – and determine which pages you're interested in.

Chris Lema discusses Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor, a plugin tester tool for WordPress users.

Sleep well, we’re on it.

Until now, there's never been an easy way to test plugin performance of critical pages on your WordPress website. More importantly, there's never been a way to track performance back to the changes you've recently made.
A Nexcess exclusive, Plugin Performance Monitor is included in all Nexcess managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, and StoreBuilder hosting plans.
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