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Author : David Mednick
David Mednick
David Mednick

David Mednick has been programming and building computers since the age of 11, although he did not turn his passion into a profession until age 44. David is a New York-born, Georgia-raised southern Yankee that calls Savannah home, but he will never stop saying "yous guys" as per the New York vernacular he knows so well.

He spent seven years in the Georgia Air National Guard — leveraging his United States Air Force experience — as a radio technician before diving into the booming cellular industry in the early 1990s as a Radio Frequency Engineer.

Although David is a versatile polyglot, the majority of his career has been spent writing PHP. He joined Liquid Web and Nexcess in September of 2021. He works in the Managed Applications Development department under Frank Lazslo. David's "current" hobbies include 3D modeling/designing/printing as well as RC car building, but his appetite for learning new things may take him down new paths in the future.

November 02, 2022

How to monitor running MariaDB and MySQL queries

How to monitor running MariaDB and MySQL queries
You need a way to check the status of your running MariaDB and MySQL queries, and so we will cover how to monitor them directly from your Nexcess Client Portal.
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