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How to enable SPF records

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September 09, 2019

How to use SiteWorx to modify or create a DNS SPF record for the domain attached to your Nexcess account.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent spam by verifying sender IP addresses and detecting email spoofing. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record or TXT record in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail exchangers use the DNS to verify mail from a given domain is sent by a host sanctioned by that domain's administrators.

But first...

This method is only available for Nexcess clients on physical (non-cloud) accounts. For assistance with your cloud account, contact our 24-7 support team by email or through your Client Portal.


  1. Log in to your SiteWorx account.
    • If you do not know your password, click Forgot your password on the login page.
    • If you do not know the web address for your SiteWorx login page, either refer to your Welcome Email or contact our 24/7 support team for assistance.

  2. From the SiteWorx main menu, click Administration > Mail Options > SPF.
  3. In the Domain SPF Records section, click Edit All SPF Records.
  4. In the Edit DNS SPF Record field, if you have an existing SPF definition code into the SPF Record Value field and click Save. If you do not have a code, proceed to Step 5 to use the Wizard Interface to configure one.Domain SPF Records Edit Dialog
  5. To use the Wizard Interface, select the desired options and click Update All Domains. See the table below for information regarding the available SPF record specifications. 
SPF SettingDescriptionAccepted Values
Use A Records?Should the IP(s) reference in the DNS A Records for this domain be permitted to send mail?Yes or No
Use MX Records?Should the hostnames referenced in DNS MX Records for this domain be permitted to send mail?Yes or No
Use PTR Records?NOT RECOMMENDED Should the PTR Records for the sender's IP be used to validate the sender's domain? NOT RECOMMENDED.Yes or No
Other ServersDo any other hostnames or IPs need to be authorized to send mail for this domain?Yes or No
FallbackDefines how to respond if the record has produced no match.1) Fail. Mail should be rejected. 2) Soft fail. Mail is generally accepted but tagged. 3) Neutral. 4) Allow.
RedirectRedirects verification to use the SPF record of the specified domain. This is useful, for example, if you send mail through your ISP's servers and they have defined an SPF record.Valid domain name; e.g., ""
ExampleDefines a DNS name whose TXT Record may be returned along with failure messages. Rarely used, may not be universally supported.Valid DNS name.

External resources

For more detailed information about DNS SPF records, visit to the Sender Policy Framework Project website.

For 24-hour assistance any day of the year, contact our support team by email or through your Client Portal.

Jason Dobry
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