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July 22, 2020

If you reside in a country that charges a value-added tax on services provided, Nexcess will require a VAT Number that states that you are tax exempt. Without this exemption in place, it is our duty to comply with tax codes around the world. Customers that sell “Business to Business” should be tax exempt, providing your VAT number will ensure that you are not charged additional tax.

If you have any questions about entering your VAT number, please call us at 1-800-580-4985 (toll free) or 1-517-322-0434 (international). You may also start a ticket with us from your account or by emailing Questions about specific taxes will need to be answered by your own tax advisor.

If you can not provide/or we can not verify a VAT or GST tax number you will be charged taxes as required by your country’s tax code.

Adding Your Tax Information

  1. Login to your account
  2. On the main menu click Billing
  3. Now click Address & Tax
  4. Enter your tax information into the Tax Status field, attach any files, and then click Submit.

If your address is outside of the United States and your country requires VAT, you can enter your Registration Number.

Please review the table below to see the format expected for VAT numbers from different countries. If you do not have a VAT ID to use please check this sales tax calculator to determine the tax rate based on your location.

VAT & GST Identification Number Examples by Country

We have reviewed a list of common errors and possible solutions to help aid you when entering your VAT or GST. If you are noticing issues with validation, please check the list below for formatting examples.

Country Example
Albania A23456789B
Please remove any spaces.
Australia ABN1234567890
Please remove any spaces.
Austria ATU12345678
Please remove any spaces.
Belgium BE123456789 or
Please remove any decimals or spaces.
Bulgaria BG123456789 or
Please remove any spaces.
Croatia HR12345678910
Cyprus 12345678X
Czech Republic CZ12345678 or
CZ123456789 or
Denmark DK12345678
Estonia EE123456789
Finland FI12345678
France FR12345678901 or
Germany DE123456789
Greece EL123456789
Hungary HU12345678 or
Only the first 8 numbers are required.
Please remove any spaces or dashes.
Iceland VSK123456 or
Please remove any spaces.
Please add “VSK” to beginning of number.


2 Digit State Code + 10 Character Alphanumeric PAN + 3 Random Alphanumeric Characters



Ireland IEAA12345AA
IE + a number + a number or letter + 4 or 5 digits + a number or letter + a letter
Please remove any spaces.
Israel  123456789
Please remove any spaces.
Italy  IT12345678901
Please remove any spaces.
Latvia  LV12345678901
Please remove any spaces.
Lithuania  LT123456789 or
Please remove any spaces.
Malta MT12345678
Please remove any spaces.
Netherlands NL123456789B01
Please remove any spaces.
New Zealand NZ12345678 or
Please remove any spaces.
Norway NO123456789
Please remove any spaces.
Poland PL1234567890 or
Please remove any spaces.
Portugal PT512345678
Please remove any spaces or dashes.
Romania RO1234567890 (the number of digits may vary) Please remove any spaces.
Slovakia SK0123456789
Please remove any spaces.
Slovenia SI12345678
Please remove any spaces.
South Africa 4220122222
Please remove any spaces.
Spain ES1234567A or
ES12345678A or
Please remove any spaces or dashes.
Sweden SE123456789012
Please remove any spaces.
Switzerland CHE123456789 or
Please remove any spaces, decimals, or dashes.
United Kingdom* GB999999999
Please remove any spaces or decimals.

* = UK Customers that do not have a VAT number but are exempt from being taxed can contact the Billing team at for more assistance.

** = Registered businesses should use the GST account number. If you do not have a GST account number, please provide your India PAN (Permanent Account Number). 

If you have any questions about this, please contact our Billing Team at

Contact your Tax Authority — Charge Corrections

EU Countries:

Please be advised that Liquid Web is registered for EU VAT under the Electronically Supplied Services (ESS) simplified VAT registration regime. For additional information regarding the simplified VAT registration regime, please visit HM Revenue & Customs VAT on e-Services.


If you are a business customer and registered for Australian GST, you may be entitled to recover the GST paid on services through the Business Activity Statement process. More information regarding the recovery of GST can be found via the following link: Creditable Acquisitions.


Additional information regarding the collection of VAT in Norway can be found here:

Patrick Rauland
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