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January 14, 2022

Why do I need to migrate?

Your current Managed WordPress v2 (MWPv2) server with Liquid Web has reached its end-of-life. The Nexcess Managed WordPress Cloud platform provides better features and security to accommodate your website(s).

What does the process look like?

The migration consists of a two-phase process, with testing between each phase.

In the first phase, we will create an account for you at and copy over your billing information. A matching hosting service will be created, to which your site data can be imported. Next, your site data and databases will be copied to this new hosting account. No downtime is encountered during this phase.

After the first phase is completed, testing is automatically performed. This will ensure your site loads properly and that everything migrated correctly. We will immediately troubleshoot any errors.

Once the two servers are working identically, the second and last phase is scheduled and then performed. The original server will be placed into maintenance mode at the beginning of the phase. This is when you may experience some downtime for the sites being moved, to ensure data consistency on the new server.

Once the migration is completed, the DNS for your site will be updated if you are using or you will need to adjust the DNS at your current nameservers. Both of these steps finalize the move and make your site live on your new service. Billing is then deactivated for the Liquid Web sub-account, and activated for the Nexcess hosting account.

What do I need to do?

Unless your DNS is hosted outside of Liquid Web, you will only be asked to test the migrated data if you wish to. When it comes time to schedule the final sync, we strive to select times your site experiences low traffic, but if you object to the given time, please let us know.

How is DNS updated?

DNS controlled at will be automatically updated by our migration tooling. DNS at other locations will need to be manually updated following the final sync. Customers using are free to later create zonefiles on Nexcess’ shared nameservers and shift DNS authority after the migration, if they no longer wish to use to control DNS.

How long does the migration take?

The length of the migration varies depending on the quantity of data being migrated, but for most servers, the initial sync is a day or so, and the final sync is normally under an hour. This, however, can be easily extended for large databases or drastically changing server contents.

Will there be any downtime?

Yes. During the final sync, your sites will be placed into maintenance mode automatically, to prevent data from changing mid-sync. Sites will be unavailable during this short interval. This makes sure that no adjustments like new orders, posts, or comments can be submitted so that everything runs smoothly during the transition. We will work with you to select a date and time that works best for you and impacts your site the least. 

Will my billing or access change?

Instead of using to control your hosting and view your bills for this server, you will be given an account at Once the migration is complete, we will provide you with a password reset link and some documentation on getting started in that portal.

Your existing billing information will be copied to this new portal, so you will not need to re-enter any information and there should be no gap in automatic billing.

As a Nexcess customer, the Support team can be reached at or by opening new tickets from the Nexcess portal.

How do I access the new portal?

You can access the Nexcess portal once the migration has completed. Login information and instructions on how to manage your migrated account will be sent at that time.

What if I have multiple products at Liquid Web?

Only the MWPv2 servers are being affected at this time, so other products (Premium Business Email, Dedicated and Cloud Servers, etc.) will still be controlled and billed as normal through DNS records on will also still be controlled in, if they need to be adjusted manually.

How will billing be handled for products created for the migration?

Once your new Nexcess account is created, it’s state is changed to suspend billing charges temporarily. This allows us to set up your target environment without any excess charges. You may see information arrive for your new account but rest assured that no billing will occur on the new system until the finalization of your migration.

What if I want to remain at Liquid Web?

Since the MWPv2 platform is being decommissioned at the conclusion of the project, you will need to migrate your websites into a different Liquid Web product. Please contact our solutions team to help you select a managed hosting solution suitable for your sites’ volume. Our Managed Hosting migration team will be able to assist you with migration of sites off of MWPv2 into any Fully Managed Linux hosting platform you choose.

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