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Physical server vs. cloud server: a guide

Physical server vs. cloud server: Selecting the best option for your business

You have choices when it comes to servers for your business. Read this guide on physical servers vs. cloud servers to see which one is right for you.

Magento vs. OpenCart guide

Magento vs. OpenCart: Which ecommerce solution is right for you?

Trying to choose between Magento vs. OpenCart? Here’s a detailed comparison guide that shares everything you need to know about Magento and OpenCart.

WooCommerce Email SMTP Tips for Growing Stores

WooCommerce email SMTP tips for growing stores

What is SMTP? Email SMTP has become the industry standard thanks to enhanced security and deliverability. Learn about these WooCommerce email settings in this guide.

tips for writing product descriptions for a clothing store

5 tips for writing product descriptions for your clothing store

A strong clothing description is important for the success of your clothing store. Check these 5 tips to help you use the best words to describe clothes.

Top headless commerce solutions

Top headless commerce solutions for 2024

Looking for new ways to improve your online store? Learn more about headless ecommerce platforms and how you can leverage them to grow your business.

How to move a WordPress site to a new domain

How to move a WordPress site to a new domain — a step-by-step guide

Move your WordPress site to a new domain in these five simple steps. Learn how to make the switch from one domain to the next quickly and without errors.

A guide on how to backup your Magento 2 store

A guide on how to backup your Magento 2 store

A Magento 2 system backup is the right way to save your online business and to make sure your hard work is not harmed or hacked. Learn more with Nexcess.

mobile ecommerce tips

15 mobile ecommerce tips

Mobile ecommerce is becoming more and more important as the years go by. Make sure your ecommerce site has a positive mobile experience with these tips.

WordPress blog layout tips

13 WordPress blog layout tips

Check out these 13 WordPress blog layout tips. Optimized blog formatting can lead to improved metrics like lower bounce rate and longer time on page.

our favorites from January 2023

Ring in the new year with our favorite WordPress tweets of January

New year, new tweets. Here’s a roundup of our favorites from January 2023.

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