Abstract illustration with a picture of wires plugged into a server

NGINX vs. Apache — Choosing the best web server in 2024

Figuring out what web server to use in 2024? Explore the difference between Apache and NGINX and select the best server software for your business website.

best website change monitoring software tools

6 best website change monitoring software tools for 2024

Looking for a user-friendly website change monitoring tool or software? Browse this list of the 6 best (free and paid) options available in 2024.

Building a Nonprofit Website

Building a Nonprofit Website: 9 Steps

Creating a website for your nonprofit organization is a must in 2022. Learn more about how to get started with creating a nonprofit website.

Beginner's Guide to Managing Multiple Sites

A Beginner’s Guide to Managing Multiple Sites

What does it take to manage multiple WordPress sites? Read this guide on managing multiple sites for top tools and tips, along with recommended strategies.

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