WordPress versions guide

The ultimate guide to each WordPress version

What version of WordPress do I have? Learn about the latest WordPress version. Get a WordPress version history breakdown, including the current version of WordPress.

Workers at a table working on laptops in a workspace

For small to large: What WordPress offers enterprises

While an open-source solution, WordPress is a powerful CMS for large organizations. Explore what WordPress offers enterprises and how to benefit from it.

WordPress logo on a web browser window illustration

How to install WordPress on localhost in 5 simple steps

Learn how to install WordPress on localhost in this five-step guide. We walk you through running WordPress locally with WordPress localhost here. Read more.

WordPress logo on a plug with a cord and web browser window illustration

Configuring a high-availability WordPress website: Step-by-step guide

To maintain 100% uptime, you need high-availability WordPress hosting. Learn how to implement it with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

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How to edit a footer in WordPress

Learn how to edit a footer on a WordPress site with our step-by-step guide. Safely and quickly change footer links and copy on your WordPress site.

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Should you accept guest posts on your blog: A comprehensive guide

Thinking about accepting guest posts? Our in-depth guide walks you through the pros and cons of guest posting and how to create guest posting guidelines.

Illustration of the WordPress logo on a browsing window

WordPress essentials: Combatting WordPress comment spam

Combat WordPress comment spam effectively with insights and best practices shared in this full guide. Use CAPTCHA, plugins, and firewalls to start.

Illustration of WordPress admin dashboard in a web browser window

Troubleshooting slow WordPress admin: 13 effective solutions

A slow WordPress admin panel can make for a frustrating WordPress experience. Here’re 13 ways to speed up your WordPress site back end’s performance.

Image of people sitting on stairs at a WordCamp conference with the WordPress logo

What is WordCamp?

WordCamps are events for all things WordPress. Learn what to expect at these events, the types of topics covered, and other perks of attending.

Illustration of tweets and a thumbs up

Say do you remember the best WordPress tweets of September?

Here’s our roundup of the best WordPress tweets from September.

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