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Category : wordpress
August 02, 2022

How to Add a Sidebar in WordPress

How to add a sidebar in WordPress
You can use a few different methods, including using a WordPress sidebar template. Read this blog to learn how to add a sidebar in WordPress.
July 26, 2022

What to Do When WordPress Exceeds the Maximum Upload Size for the Site

What to Do When WordPress Exceeds the Maximum Upload Size
Learn how to increase the upload file size limit in WordPress in this blog. Here’s what to do when WordPress exceeds the maximum upload size for the site.
July 22, 2022

How To Use WordPress Breadcrumbs

How to use WordPress breadcrumbs
WordPress breadcrumbs can improve user experience on your site. Learn the meaning of breadcrumbs and how breadcrumb UX helps your site in this blog.
July 19, 2022

5 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins In 2022

5 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins in 2022
Learn about WordPress live chat plugins and how they can benefit your business. Check out five live chat plugins you can try out for your business today.
July 14, 2022

How To Change Font in WordPress: Your Quick Guide to Adding Custom Fonts

How To Change Font in WordPress (and Add New Fonts, Too).
Today, we’ll show you how to change fonts in WordPress with a plugin, manually, and more. Plus, we’ll also show you how to add new fonts.
July 14, 2022

WordPress Malware Removal Techniques to Try

WordPress malware removal
Malware is bad for business. Learn how to scan WordPress for malware. Try these WordPress malware removal techniques to keep your site safe.
July 11, 2022

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post

A computer with the text "How to Duplicate a WordPress Page or Post" overlaid.
Wondering how to duplicate a WordPress page? Read more from Nexcess on how to easily duplicate any of your WordPress pages or posts.
July 11, 2022

What is Wordpress Version Control? Examining Your Options

WordPress version control
What is WordPress version control and what can it do for your site? Learn your options and get an introduction to WordPress Git workflows in this article.
July 07, 2022

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

What is managed WordPress hosting
If you’re on WordPress, you may be wondering, exactly what is managed WordPress hosting? Learn the benefits of fully managed WordPress hosting in this blog.
July 06, 2022

Getting Started with the WordPress Transients API

Getting Started With WordPress Transients API
What are transients in WordPress? A WordPress transient stores information within your database for a limited time. Learn more about WordPress transients from Nexcess.