June’s best WordPress tweets: Plugins, milestones, and WordCamp

School’s out for summer! The air conditioners are turning on. We’re celebrating Pride, fathers, and National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

We’re also celebrating WordPress (of course). This month Nexcess was at WordCamp Europe and Montclair. We hope you had a chance to stop by and say hello!

Let’s see what else is going on in the WordPress community this month.

Plug it in, plug it in

SEO specialist Jess Joyce reminded us that a plugin stack can get a little chonky when you add everything you need.

 A tweet that reads WordPress after you add all the plugins you need. A picture shows a fire hydrant with several added connections extending it several feet.

WordPress expert Elliot Condon is back in the Twitter game and looking for suggestions. What plugins could boost your projects?

A tweet that reads: Hi WordPress peeps. It's been a while since I tweeted (not since @wp_acf) was acquired two years ago!) but I'm feeling refreshed and ready to join the WP web dev chatter again. I thought I would start by creating some small plugins to boost your projects. Any ideas?

WordPress developer Tanner Record asked for sage advice for newbie plugin devs. He got some great replies. Do you have a better suggestion?

A tweet that reads: Hey #WordPress, what's your best advice for new plugin developers?

Give me all the features!

Accessibility in WordPress is a hot topic. New features are constantly improving access for WordPress users. Software Engineer Charaf Mrah wanted to know what’s missing and what the WP fam wants to see.

A tweet that reads: Are there accessibility features that are missing in most WordPress page builders that you would like to see?

Sometimes it’s not about all the features we want to use. Sometimes we want to know what isn’t being utilized. WordPress developer Eric Karkovek asked about the least-used part of your dashboard.

A tweet that reads: #WordPress users: What part of the dashboard do rarely, if ever, visit?

We’ve loved all the new bells and whistles in Core. Community Manager for Developer Relations Sam Munoz wanted to know what’s piquing interest in the Gutenberg plugin.

A tweet that reads: I haven't played with new #WordPress features much lately... Anything you're spotting in the Gutenberg plugin that you're excited about seeing in Core?

Something to celebrate

LayerWP’s Ben Townsend hit a landmark goal. We wanted him to know that ALL fries are important in the WordPress community: big, small, or the occasional rogue onion ring!

A tweet that reads: I know I'm small fry in the WordPress landscape. I'm totally cool with that. But hitting 4k in followers (which will no doubt dip as I'm tweeting about it) is a big thing for me. Like I'm amazed. Thank you all so so much.

Acquire.com’s Andrew Gazdecki reminded us that you can start something awesome no matter how young you are.

A tweet that reads: Zuckerberg launched Facebook at 19. Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble at 25. Bill Gates launched Microsoft at 19. Evan Spiegel launched Snapchat at 22. Mullenweg launched WordPress at 19. It's never too late to build a startup.

Set up (Word)Camp

WordPress contributor George Mamadashvili wanted to make sure you’re on top of your H20 game at WordCamp! It’s a bit late for #WCEU, but if you’re headed to DC for WCUS, you’re going to want to take heed.

A tweet that reads: Remember to stay hydrated during #WCEU. Take a sip of water every time someone mentions AI. Follow me for more pro-tips.

WordPress expert Rodolfo Melogli shared a spicy take on WooCommerce representation in WordCamps. Since we’re REALLY big fans, we want to see Woo talked about too.

WCEU 2022 - no WooCommerce talks, WCUS 2022 - no WooCommerce talks, WCAsia 2023 - no WooCommerce talks WCEU 2023 - 1 Woo checkout block workshop, no talks, WCUS 2023 - ?, Do you think this is deliberate, or there is no interest around WooCommerce any longer? (Post Status Repost)

Finally, WordCamp Europe said “Ciao” to Athens and announced some big news.

A text that reads: Who’s already blocked out WordCamp Europe 2024 in their calendars… 13 - 15 June 2024 Torino, Italy #WCEU

These tweets were HOT! HOT! HOT!

Thanks for joining us for the best WordPress tweets of June.

Join us next month for more — and if you’re in need of a fast, secure, and scalable host, check out fully managed WordPress plans from Nexcess to get started today.

Samantha Mueller
Samantha Mueller

Samantha was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining the Nexcess marketing team, she worked for area nonprofits and lectured at CUNY. Samantha now lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin with her husband and two miniature pinschers (Ziggy Woofdust and Stevie Licks). She is an avid gamer, writer, and world-class pet namer.

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