best tweets of April 2023

We pity the fool who doesn’t love April. It’s got the perfect date of the year: April 25th. It’s not too hot, not too cold — all you need is a light jacket. WordPress birthday celebrations are starting. The NBA and Stanley Cup finals have begun.

WordPress users had a great month as 8.2’s performance improvements really started to show their strengths.

Let’s take a look at the best tweets of April 2023.

Coming in hot

It’s not quite summer yet, but WordPress pro Johnathan Williams came in with some fresh and spicy takes.

A tweet from Johnathon Williams that says WordPress hot takes: Metabox is better than ACF, shortcodes are better than blocks, good writing is better than everything.

Podcaster and freelancer Igor Benić tells Twitter what we have shouted from virtual rooftops forever.

A tweet from Igor Benić that says: The only no-code platform/tool where you own everything is WordPress.

Web developer Mauro Bono wonders why an integrated SMTP option isn’t part of WordPress quite yet.

Can we build it? Yes we can! (With WordPress)

Profit blogging whiz Mike from Niche Twins had an inspiring message for folks that may have abandoned their online business dreams. We love a push for more WordPressers.

A tweet from Mike from Niche Twins that says: To the entrepreneurial voyeurs out there lurking, reading, learning everything there is about starting an online business…you’re “ready” enough. Start today. Spin up a WordPress site. Publish an article. It’s probably not going to be great, but that’s not the point.

Software developer, programmer, and engineer David Winer reminds us that the platform is the medium but WE are the artists.

A tweet from Dave Winer that says: Facebook is what you make it. Twitter is what you make it. RSS is what you make it. Mastodon is what you make it. WordPress is what you make it.

Talking shop

WordPress freelancer and consultant EZ Smith wants to know what your favorite theme is. We’re pretty partial to Astra and Kadence, here at Nexcess.

A tweet from EZ Smith that says: WordPress peeps, what's your #1 theme these days? And why?

Software developer Kelvin Mwenda recognizes that a lot of great sites use our favorite CMS, and for really great purposes. Language, after all, is the foundation of society.

A tweet from Kelvin Mwendwa saying: I have an habit of checking what languages sites are build with, and I've realized that so many of the nice ones use Wordpress

WordPress pro, engineer, and everyone’s favorite Jeff — Jeff Chandler — was a guest on an upcoming show discussing WordPress release history, what it’s like being at a WordCamp, and more. We love hearing all about WordPress, especially from familiar faces and can't wait to see this! Listen to Jeff's guest spot here.

A tweet from Jeff that reads: I'm going to be a guest tonight on a WordPress 20th anniversary podcast with others where we'll share what we think was the most memorable WordPress release, WordCamp Experience, and notable announcements from the various State of the Words. This is my kind of show.

You better get in sync

Roses are red, your WordPress posts slay

Join us next month….

It's gonna be May tweets
Samantha Mueller
Samantha Mueller

Samantha was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining the Nexcess marketing team, she worked for area nonprofits and lectured at CUNY. Samantha now lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin with her husband and two miniature pinschers (Ziggy Woofdust and Stevie Licks). She is an avid gamer, writer, and world-class pet namer.

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