April 03, 2023
The Very Best Tweets of March

Can you believe March is over? The frosty winter weather is nearly gone. It was Women’s History Month. Everyone got to be Irish for a day. And pretty much all of our NCAA brackets were busted.

Here are the best WordPress tweets from your favorite third month of the year.

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WordPress watercooler chat

AwesomeMotive Project Manager David Bissett revealed a new WordPress feature we’re all really excited about.

A tweet from David Bissett that reads “How powerful is #WordPress 6.2? I just activated “distraction free mode” to try it out for the first time here in the house and my family disappeared.”

WordPress vet Bret Phillips knows lots of traffic means a drain on resources. We agree with his hot tip – managed hosting is your best bet no matter what your traffic patterns are like.

A tweet from Bretwp that reads “Website pro tip: If you’re using WordPress choose your hosting wisely. Unless you have tons of traffic it could be fine to use a shared server (this is most hosting). If you have lots of traffic consider a dedicated server. I recommend a Managed WP host for either”

Software engineer Charaf Mrah opened up a dialogue about favorite managed WordPress hosts.

A tweet from Charaf Mrah that reads “WordPress friends: Who’s your favorite managed WordPress hosting provider? I’m doing some research."

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The rise of the machines is here

Ex-web developer Mike Harrigan shares some WordPress plugins that are going next gen and diving into AI.

A tweet from Mike Harrigan that reads“5 WordPress Plugins using AI: EveryAlt, Bertha AI, Handywriter, All in One SEO, Gravity Forms OpenAI.This is just the begining.”

Mad Scientist Perry Metzger shared a fascinating application of GPT-4, which makes a great case for using AI to fix errors. This author may be taking note of this for their own WordPress installation.

A tweet from Perry Metzger that reads “A friend of mine upgraded a Wordpress installation, and it started throwing errors. He couldn’t figure it out, so he handed the error message to “his friend” GPT-4, which told him how to fix the PHP code to stop it from breaking. The world has shifted and it’s not going back.”

The champions

Kristi Dosh started small on WordPress before she made it to the big time. Congrats Kristi on being featured on TV.

A tweet from Kristi Dosh that reads “I never imagined when I started Business of College Sports as a free little WordPress blog back in 2011 that it (and I) would be featured on a Nightline show! ❤️”

Let’s make some noise for WordPress digital producer Allie Nimmons. She’s helped 20,000 people learn WordPress basics.

A tweet from Allie Nimmons that reads “My WordPress Essentials course on LinkedIn Learning, released in June of 2022, just passed 20,000 learners!” and includes a GIF of a cheering baby.

WordPress knows no limits, including age. Emannuella is now just 14 and has been a coding instructor for years– she’s also a WordPress expert.

A tweet from AfricaFactsZone that shows pictures of 14 year old Emmanuella Mayaki and reads “At the age of 10, Nigerian Genius, Emmanuella Mayaki was hired as a Coding Instructor by a UK school in 2019. She learnt web design and analysis aged 7. Had diplomas at 9. She is an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, Java and Python.”

Tweet #WordPress all month if you want to see yourself in next month’s update. Just remember — April tweets bring… May’s tweet roundup.

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Samantha Mueller
Samantha Mueller

Samantha was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining the Nexcess marketing team, she worked for area nonprofits and lectured at CUNY. Samantha now lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin with her husband and two miniature pinschers (Ziggy Woofdust and Stevie Licks). She is an avid gamer, writer, and world-class pet namer.

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