December 27, 2022
Our favorite WordPress tweets for December 2022

We don’t want a lot for Christmas – maybe just more WordPress tweets. December’s not quite over, but there’s been lots of talk among creators, developers, and members of the WP community.

We saw State of the Word, speculation about artificial intelligence, and a push for site creation when the bird app began LinkTree deforestation.

Here are our favorite WordPress tweets for December 2022.

I saw mommy using SkyNet

WordPress pro Johnathan Williams showed us how ChatGPT was able to “speak” a plugin into existence.

Johnathan Williams tweet

The rise of the machines is on everyone’s mind but Mr. Czar found the silver lining: AI will make professional results accessible to beginners but we’ll always have a need for the pros.

Mr. Czar tweet

Holiday help

Entrepreneur @mgaak1dev knows that quality beats quantity every time when it comes to WordPress plugins. Here at Nexcess, we like to keep an eye on plugin performance, too.


WordPress dev Aimee Cozza cautioned against uploading full resolution media without compression. She also makes a great point about watermarking your work.

Aimee Cozza tweet

Developer advocate Damon Cook reinforces what we already knew: the WordPress community is always happy to help each other.

Damon Cook tweet

Gifts that keep on giving

Contact Form 7 is getting a glow up right in time for the holidays and Munir Kamal gave us a sneak peek.

Munir Kamal tweet

We couldn’t agree more with Paid Membership Pro cofounder Kimberly Coleman, who pointed out how WordPress gets a bad rap. WordPress is more accessible than ever for everyone from novice to pro.

Kimberly Coleman tweet

Author Teri Kanefield may be talking about setting up a Mastodon server in this thread, but her point about owning her content is one of the reasons why we love WordPress. Your content is yours, always.

Teri Kanefield tweet

A Festivus for the rest of us

Our friend BobWP was in NYC for State of the Word and made this twinkling observation about active installations.

BobWP tweet

If you’re in the WordPress space, this year’s State of the Word was exciting, promising, and a lot of fun to watch. Check it out or watch it again.

State of the Word tweet

Auld Lang signing off

While we may be leaving a bit early, we’re looking forward to seeing new versions and updates, Phases 3 and 4 of Gutenberg, and all your WordPress tweets about them.

Thanks for another great year in the books, and we’ll see you in 2023.

Samantha Mueller
Samantha Mueller

Samantha was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining the Nexcess marketing team, she worked for area nonprofits and lectured at CUNY. Samantha now lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin with her husband and two miniature pinschers (Ziggy Woofdust and Stevie Licks). She is an avid gamer, writer, and world-class pet namer.

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