November 01, 2022
Best WordPress tweets

We all love spooky season, but this October has been no tricks and all treats for WordPress users. The much anticipated major release, WordPress Version 6.1, is due out November 1, and Twitter is feeling the love – well most of the time.

Check out our favorite tweets from this past month.

The fast and the furious

WordPress developer Nat Miletic talks about what really takes the wind out of WordPress sails, and we could not agree more!

Tweet from @natmiletic which reads "Some people think that WordPress is slow  Out of the box, WordPress is really fast ⚡️  What slows down WordPress is cheap hosting, bloated themes, uncompressed images, and bad web development practices!"

WPEngine’s Brian Gardner waxes poetic about how much faster developing on WordPress has become.

Tweet from @bgardner that reads "There is so much to love about the direction #WordPress has been/is heading. Years ago, creating a pricing table would have taken an hour to build with HTML and CSS. Now? You can add one in 10 seconds and just a few clicks. Watch how easy it is. 👀" and contains a video demonstrating the creation of a pricing table in WordPress..

WordPress core committer Jonny Harris wasted no time giving us the deets on just how fast 6.1 generates pages.

Tweet from @thespacedmonkey that reads "The amount of work that is gone into fixing performance issues in WordPress 6.1 in numbers. Comparing page generation times 6.1 Beta 1 - 0.6325s vs 6.1 RC 3 - 0.2561s. That is nearly 2.4x faster. This is why it is soo important to have a performance team 💪🏻"

Teckhawks founder Kamal Shakoor is just like us. We’re always looking for ways to improve speed. We like to keep an eye on our waterfall and use Plugin Performance Monitor so we can see what’s impacting speed before customers do.

Tweet from @KamalShakoor1 that reads "So My new WordPress site was facing speed problem.  I found following plugins helpful to solve this problem.  1. W3 Total Cache  2. EWWW Image Optimizer  3. WP Disable  Can you add new plugin in this list? how did you solve your site speed problem?  #WordPress #SEO #blog" and contains an image of a performance score for a website.

Content bliss

We’re all pretty psyched for the next WordPress version, and Matías Ventura over at Automattic nails down why the improved features in 6.1 are important for writers and editors in this helpful thread.

First tweet from a thread by @matias_ventura that reads "While attention is focused on the site customization pieces of Gutenberg in WordPress, here are some of the latest updates to the writing experience worth noting.  📝🧵 [1/8]" and continues on throughout a thread (not pictured).

uSERP CEO Jeremy Moser outlined some great tools for WordPress content creators that, uh, maybe we’ll get for ourselves. *sneaks out of the Google Meet room*

A tweet from @jmoserr that reads "7 underrated SEO tools you NEED to see:  (1) Link Whisper: internal links (2) Wordable: GDocs to Wordpress (3) SEO Minion: chrome extension (4) BuiltWith: analyze redirects (5) LowFruits: find easy keywords (6) SchemaApp: structured data tool (7) SparkToro: improve digital PR"

WordPress dev Alek Asaduryan pulls no punches when breaking down online business success. Content is king, and thankfully it’s not a Targaryen.

A tweet from @Ldnbox that reads ""

We got jokes

Earlier this month, WP got rid of the Active Install Growth Chart in the Plugin Repository. HDC’s Brian Coords tugs at our heart strings with this community appeal.

Tweet from @briancoords that reads "Maybe the real "active install growth chart" is all the friends we made along the way."

Front-end dev Allison Tarr makes a case for lowercase (and even if we capitalize, we are right there booing with her over folks that don’t add alt text).

Tweet from @allisonplus that reads "I don't have time for people who care about the capital "P" in #wordpress because they usually don't add alt text to their images."

The “Team as a Service” Twelfth Dream left us in stitches with this dev meme. Don’t worry, back-end devs, we still love our unsung heroes.

Tweet from @twelfthdream that reads "🔴 Front-end developer vs Back-end developer  #FrontEndDeveloper #WordPress #Linux" and has an image of the front and back of a piece of embroidered cloth and reads "front end vs back end." The front end part is a neat intricate pattern. The backend is several twisted, intertwined strings keeping everything together.

Who’s down with PHP? Yeah you know me! WordPress developer MK had sharp words for folks who diss the language that the bulk of WordPress core is written in.

Tweet from @mgaak1dev that reads "Reaction of a WordPress Developer when someone tells them PHP is useless.😂" that displays a young child with a sword engaged in a martial arts demonstration as if to insinuate the WordPress developer in question will fight you.

Conversation starters

David Bisset at Dimension Media wanted to know your fave plugin. We’re kinda biased – it’s WooCommerce for us ;) We think you should head over and chime in, too!

A tweet from @dimensionmedia that reads "What #WordPress plugin (free or commercial) do you enjoy or find the most satisfying “hooking into” w/ actions/filters in your code enhance or modify?  Two of my favs is  @gravityforms  and  @buddypress ."

Rich Tabor likes finding a diamond in the rough. We have our favorites, and we may or may not have a little sister that makes some great plugins *cough cough* StellarWP *cough cough*

A tweet from @richard_tabor that reads "What’s a WordPress plugin that you love, but not many people know about?"

We certainly couldn’t overlook this landmark occasion. Shout out to WordPress for hitting the big 100,000,000!

Tweet from @WordPress that reads "Let's celebrate 🎉   This major milestone of #100MillionDownloads belongs to the entire #WordPress community. Thank you for contributing to empowering the web! (And here's to going even further with 6.1 🥂 )" and includes a video running tally of WordPress 6.0 downloads totaling 100,000,000.

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Check back next month for the best WordPress tweets of November.

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