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Built-in ecommerce monitoring for your online store

Personalized revenue insights, delivered right to your inbox. Sales Performance Monitor delivers weekly revenue trends to help you stay profitable.
Monitor ecommerce revenue easily.
Personalized revenue projections
Built on intelligent analytics
Alerts if revenue is trending down
Delivered weekly via email

Stay on track with intelligent sales monitoring

Pinpoint the cause of revenue changes in a few clicks.
Root cause of slowdowns
Find out why your sales are down with customized recommendations from Sales Performance Monitor. Your report will recommend areas to investigate if transactions drop off.
Personalized to your store
Powered by exclusive technology, Sales Performance Monitor uses your site’s historical performance to measure revenue success week over week.
Dependable monitoring
Your ecommerce revenue report arrives on time every week, so you can start your day with the knowledge you need to manage your ecommerce business.
Start building your business
With more premium features than any other provider and an ecommerce tool suite, Nexcess makes it easy and affordable to start an online store.

Free ecommerce monitoring for better performance.
Only at Nexcess

Sales Performance Monitor is the only ecommerce monitoring tool on the market that provides custom revenue insights within a hosting plan. The best part? It’s FREE with any WordPress, WooCommerce or StoreBuilder purchase.

With Fully Managed Hosting from Nexcess Better is Built In