June 26, 2018

Slow performance, down times, upgrades, migration, server changes. No, these aren’t Jeopardy categories for the “IT Tournament of Champions”. They’re just a few of the many technical issues and sources of frustration from running an eCommerce website that lead to decreased revenue.

Aside from costing you time and peace of mind, all these backend problems also cost you money in lost sales. Managed WooCommerce Hosting increases revenue — that’s where it brings the biggest value.

Here are 5 Ways Managed WooCommerce Hosting Increases Revenue and Makes You Profitable, and why you should try it today.


When it comes to selling anything on the internet, speed is the name of the game. When today’s customers navigate to your online store, they expect to find items they want to buy presented to them instantly. Page load problems are a revenue killer.

It’s estimated that for every one second it takes for your site to load, your conversion rate drops by 7 percent. An online store bringing in $1,000 per day could see more than $25,000 in missed sales every year — all because of one second!

To reach maximum page load times, you need a website host with the right server infrastructure. Your typical eCommerce platform puts multiple stores on one server to handle them all. That mixing of computational resources affects your website’s load times.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting isolates your website, monitoring performance and automatically adding resources as needed. When your site needs more CPU or RAM during a traffic spike, those resources arrive automatically without moving your site to a different server. That means faster load times and fewer downtimes.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting keeps more data flowing through your site and more money flowing into your account. There’s no more worrying whether your site is working at its maximum potential — it always will be.


As your business grows, so too will the size and complexity of your website. That’s where shared servers also create additional costs for website owners. Typical eCommerce platforms solve the problem of site expansion by upselling you to different plans, servers with fewer sites, or a dedicated server. Suddenly, that free or low upfront price has morphed into a big monthly bill that’s leaving you with unacceptable risk, downtime, and lost sales.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting uses a web server environment that’s elastic and scalable. It’s an infrastructure that easily expands your capacity without moving your website or taking it down. That means you don’t lose sales.

It’s like having a few kids and needing a larger house. Would it be cheaper and less hassle to move your family and all of your belongings? Or just have your builder add on a room or two while you stay put?


The only thing worse for sales than slow load times is a website that’s down. Today, enormous amounts of online revenue come from holiday shopping and special events.

In 2017, Cyber Monday officially became the largest online shopping day in U.S. history with $6.59 billion spent. However, not all retailers were able to take full advantage, because their websites crashed after being flooded with traffic.

With Managed WooCommerce Hosting, you can test your website before a major campaign or sales event. If problems do arise during tests, our team can identify problems, propose solutions, and implement the changes to ensure your website is up for the challenge.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting tests an offline version of your website first. Then, when everything is optimized and running smoothly, those same changes are applied to your live website, so there’s no downtime or lost sales.

New Sales

Forward-looking store owners are finding ways to reach the 70 percent of customers who leave an item in their cart without purchasing it. Cart abandonment solutions increase revenue by re-engaging customers who were cued up to make a purchased but didn’t.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting increases revenue by helping you find and re-engage those folks by integrating Jilt — the cart abandonment SaaS — into your website platform. Jilt tracks precisely when cart abandonment occurs so you can segment and target customers with custom win-back emails. For example, if a segment of customers abandoned after calculating shipping costs, you could email them a free shipping offer.

Winning back just a fraction of the 70 percent of abandoned cart items can mean a significant boost in sales.

Barn2 is a successful eCommerce company that sells WordPress plugins. The owners discovered that 61 percent of customers left items in their carts. At an average value of $75 per abandoned cart, that rate represented a significant loss in sales. They decided to try Jilt to win back those purchases. In just a few months of running an email campaign, Barn2 achieved a 28.6 percent win-back rate that netted more than $3,000 in extra revenue.

Actionable Data

More and more online store owners are realizing they’re missing sales opportunities by not utilizing their data enough. Those who do stand a better chance to increase sales. However, the process of transforming data into something useful is complex.

It’s one thing to capture data, and another to use it to find new sales opportunities, segment audiences, and track your store’s performance. Managed WooCommerce Hosting gives eCommerce store owners valuable, actionable data they need to make smart decisions.

Our managed service incorporates the eCommerce analytics tool Glew.io into your hosting account. Glew generates actionable data to track your customer acquisition costs, sales trends, and key performance indicators. With Glew.io, you can segment customers into groups that deliver more effective email campaigns. One example: You can segment “full-price” buyers from “discount” buyers — then send emails containing coupon offers only to the discount buyers.

Smart store owners use analytics reports on revenue data to quickly shift strategies and increase sales. Managed WooCommerce Hosting increases revenue by giving you insights into key metrics like:

  • Revenue gains and loses
  • Trends in sales and website traffic
  • Marketing spend

With this data, you can drill down into a product’s performance — identifying where you’re spending too much on low-performing products and where you need to increase your ad spending to promote higher-grossing items.

You can also analyze products based on category, segments, and even SKUs. And with Managed WooCommerce Hosting reports, you can receive a monthly eCommerce report, weekly update, or daily performance snapshot. You’ll always know if you’re meeting your revenue goals.

Because Managed WooCommerce Hosting integrates Jilt and Glew.io right into your hosting plan, you no longer have to subscribe to them individually. Jilt and Glew.io’s monthly plans for SMB run $299/mo and $199/mo respectively, so there’s plenty of room for savings through consolidation. And if you’re not already subscribed to these powerful analytics tools, you’ll have them available from day one of your subscription to Managed WooCommerce Hosting. Adopt a platform that comes standard with the data tools you need to succeed and grow.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting increases revenue by giving you access to these five benefits straight from the box, which also saves you time and money. But there’s more to value than just price. Here’s another other blog article on the benefits of managed hosting.

Chris Lema
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