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Detect WooCommerce payment, checkout, and login problems and fix them fast.

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An online store for handsoap has a checkmark that says checkout tested, made possible by WooCommerce Automated Testing

Why use WooCommerce Automated Testing?

It reduces sales friction.
It’s peace of mind.
It’s intelligent.
It’s easy.

Pinpoint problems that cost you money in 1 minute

No store owner wants to find out their products aren’t loading, or their customers can’t check out. WooCommerce Automated Testing is a free platform feature that checks to make sure you’re always able to accept orders. In as little as 1 minute, our platform identifies critical problems affecting your carts, payment methods, and login credentials.

More power, more profit

Don’t lose time or sleep worrying about your online store. Get WooCommerce Automated Testing FREE with fully managed WooCommerce and StoreBuilder.
How do I set it up?
A user works on their ecommerce site for a mindfulness fg class, a button says Enroll, user has chosen the typeface Merriweather

Better business starts with better tools

Discover other platform tools included in Nexcess WooCommerce and WordPress ecommerce plans.

Sales Performance Monitor

Empower your profitability with weekly revenue insights. Reports are custom-tailored to your sales trends.

Plugin Performance Monitor

We test your plugins daily and score the performance impact, so you can identify the troublemakers and optimize.

With managed hosting from Nexcess, better is built in

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