Image of wires in a server

Data by the numbers: A look inside our Southfield, MI data center

Take a look into the Nexcess Southfield dedicated data center and explore its benefits. Also, learn about its amenities and how to take advantage of them.

Top Sales Performance Metrics for Ecommerce Store Owners

9 sales performance metrics to track business growth

Learn key sales performance metrics to help you spot and eliminate performance bottlenecks. Track key ecommerce metrics and ensure business growth is stable.

Nexcess Employee Creates “Text a Veteran” Suicide Prevention Effort

Nexcess employee aids suicide prevention with text helpline

Chris believes that a few words can make a tremendous difference. Learn about his Text a Veteran program and how you can get involved to save lives.

Nexcess unveils built-in automated testing

Nexcess, the industry’s leading managed digital commerce cloud platform, today announced the release of WooCommerce Automated Testing.

 WooCommerce vs Shopify: Key Differences and How to Choose

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Key Differences and How to Choose

Learn more about the top features of each and how to choose the right option.

An Introduction to Git

Read this blog to learn Git. Get an overview and understanding of Git commands and how it is used.

What To Include in a Membership Site: 10 Content Ideas

Are you wondering what to include in a membership site? Here are 10 ideas to get started.

How To Price a Membership Site — What You Need To Know

Read this blog to learn how to price a membership site the right way.

How To Create a Data-Driven Sales Approach for Your Ecommerce Store

See how your sales data helps you create a data-driven sales approach.

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