Nexcess, the premium hosting provider for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento, is optimized for your hosting needs. Nexcess provides a managed hosting infrastructure, curated tools, and a team of experts that make it easy to build, manage, and grow your business online. Serving SMBs and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them, Nexcess has provided fully managed, high-performance cloud solutions for more than 22 years.

How to edit a WordPress homepage

How to edit a WordPress homepage

Trying to figure out how to edit the homepage of a WordPress site? Look no further! Nexcess will teach you how to customize your homepage in this article.

Ecommerce Promotion Ideas to Boost Sales

10 ecommerce promotion ideas to boost sales

Use these ecommerce promotion ideas to help boost sales and increase conversion efficiency on your ecommerce website. Unique promos can increase sales.

How To Create an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Online Store

How To Create an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Online Store

Learn how an ecommerce business plan contributes to your online shop’s success. Write your own strategy with this guide on how to create a business plan.

Nexcess update

Nexcess imagines ecommerce sites for historical figures

Nexcess today released a report detailing the imagined online stores of historical and cultural icons.

Nexcess update

Nexcess launches new enterprise cloud solution for better scalability, flexibility

The new offering provides enterprise clients with the performance they want without the larger investment of moving to bare-metal.

Nexcess & The Trevor Project team up to benefit LGBTQ youth with new online store proceeds

All proceeds will go to the nonprofit, which provides 24/7 crisis support services to LGBTQ young people

Physical server vs. cloud server: a guide

Physical server vs. cloud server: Selecting the best option for your business

You have choices when it comes to servers for your business. Read this guide on physical servers vs. cloud servers to see which one is right for you.

mobile ecommerce tips

15 mobile ecommerce tips

Mobile ecommerce is becoming more and more important as the years go by. Make sure your ecommerce site has a positive mobile experience with these tips.

WordPress blog layout tips

13 WordPress blog layout tips

Check out these 13 WordPress blog layout tips. Optimized blog formatting can lead to improved metrics like lower bounce rate and longer time on page.

Learn how to build a niche website in WordPress

How to build a niche website in WordPress

Learn how to build a niche website in WordPress and how to monetize it using these steps to help separate your website from the competition. Learn more from Nexcess.

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