July 11, 2023
Nexcess update

With ecommerce sales surging, Nexcess prepares businesses to thrive during the most important time of the year for retail

ATLANTA –  July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nexcess, the fully managed, high-performance, digital commerce platform built to optimize online sites and stores today announced the release of The 2023 Ecommerce Holiday Survival Guide, a definitive resource for ecommerce store owners preparing for the busiest and most critical time of year.

Ecommerce sales continue to trend upward and break records. Throughout 2023, U.S. ecommerce sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion. Ecommerce sales will hit 20.8% of all retail sales across the globe this year, according to Forbes. That number is expected to reach 24% by 2026.

Knowing what to do and when is crucial for all ecommerce business owners. To help online store owners prepare for a successful holiday selling season, the guide provides everything needed to optimize sites, increase conversions, and prepare stores for increased traffic. The handbook, categorized by season, also outlines when to start testing sites, running ads, and how to refine selling strategies.

“As ecommerce continues to see significant growth in every sector, store owners will see increased traffic and competition this year,” says Terry Trout, SVP of Marketing.

“The holiday season puts a lot of pressure on ecommerce business owners. And Nexcess wants to help make sure it is profitable. For more than 23 years, we’ve been helping businesses build, launch, and grow online. This expert guide provides key insights and strategies that will help online stores increase customer satisfaction, generate loyalty, and take advantage of the holiday traffic surge.”

To ensure success, business owners need ample time to strategize and plan for the busiest retail time of the year. By initiating ecommerce holiday preparations early, business owners will gain an edge over competitors and maximize revenue. The guide addresses every critical aspect of ecommerce success and includes a comprehensive checklist to ensure businesses don’t miss a beat.

To learn more about holiday readiness, read The 2023 Ecommerce Holiday Survival Guide. For more information about Nexcess, visit nexcess.net.


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