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"How can I take my ecommerce store to the next level?"
We answer that question every episode with a little help from industry experts and successful store owners.
Hosted by Chris Lema, The Store Builders Podcast provides actionable advice for expanding your eCommerce empire.
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Ryan Cowden
Ryan Cowden
Ryan Cowden is a full-time podcast host and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to his work as a podcaster, Ryan worked as a therapist with autistic children and spent seven years as a public school teacher. In 2018, Ryan launched his own podcast and eventually left teaching to pursue his love of podcasting and audio production. He is a podcast fanatic and doesn’t have enough hours in a week to listen to all his favorites.
Chris Lema
Chris Lema
Chris Lema has been building eCommerce sites since 1997, back when it would take a lot of time, cost a lot of money, and still didn’t work perfectly. He's worked with WooCommerce since it was launched and helped fast-growing stores tweak it to deliver high performance. Today he’s the VP of Products at Liquid Web, where he’s designed and launched a new platform, Managed WooCommerce Hosting.
James Sowers
James Sowers
James Sowers is a marketing consultant and digital product manager based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs build stronger, more sustainable businesses, which made him a great fit to be a co-host for our show.
Episode 50: ActiveCampaign and eCommerce

At some point when you’re building and operating a store, your store owner will likely ask you to improve the automation of the site. Sometimes it’s an explicit request, like, “Hey, can we automate some of this stuff?” Other times, it’s a more subtle request: “What can I do to improve my store?
Episode 49: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for eCommerce Stores

What are some of the recurring problems you encounter while running your eCommerce store? Do you have consistent employee turnover? Are there consistent errors? Are there persistent lapses in communication?
Episode 48: eCommerce Content Marketing - Comparisons

If you’re a store owner or store builder, chances are you know a lot about your content and your marketplace. But if you’re prioritizing your store or your business, and not regularly blogging or podcasting, chances are you aren’t sharing that knowledge with your customers.
Episode 47: Thinking the Right Way About Coupons

The default mindset of online shoppers is to find discounts and avoid paying full price. In addition to fulfilling this expectation of your customers, you will also have to compete with more coupons and discounts from your competitors.
Episode 46: Understanding Fraud Protection

As more and more business goes online, incidents of fraud also continue to rise. For online sellers, this could mean significant losses of money, supplies, and time.
Episode 45: Migrating from Magento to WooCommerce

In 2017, Magento announced that all support for their Magento 1 service would officially end in June 2020. This Magento “end of life announcement” alerted its users that all updates, support, and security would stop updating on that date.
Episode 44: Diagnosing Low Sales

New stores are often launched with a mix of nervous excitement and giddy anticipation. When traffic starts hitting the site, the team becomes even more optimistic. However, high traffic doesn’t always lead to a high amount of sales. This can lead the store owner to believe that there is something wrong with the site.
Episode 43: Tools for Great Product Photos

In an online shopping environment, your photography is the only access your clients have to your products before a purchase can be made. They can’t feel, taste, or try anything you’re selling before they have to make a decision. The only information they get is what you show them.
Episode 42: PIMs & DAMs

Every online store builder should consider working with Product Information Management systems (PIMs) and Data Asset Management systems (DAMs). These precious assets, which can take up a lot of storage, need to be securely stored in a place where you can easily access them.
Episode 41: Caching & WooCommerce

If you have ever designed a dynamic website, you know that its dynamic properties allow you to create a truly unique online experience. However, you probably also know that these special features can slow down your website during periods of heavy traffic.