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Helping business owners start their own ecommerce store
"How can I take my ecommerce store to the next level?"
We answer that question every episode with a little help from industry experts and successful store owners.
Hosted by Chris Lema, The Store Builders Podcast provides actionable advice for expanding your eCommerce empire.
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Ryan Cowden
Ryan Cowden
Ryan Cowden is a full-time podcast host and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to his work as a podcaster, Ryan worked as a therapist with autistic children and spent seven years as a public school teacher. In 2018, Ryan launched his own podcast and eventually left teaching to pursue his love of podcasting and audio production. He is a podcast fanatic and doesn’t have enough hours in a week to listen to all his favorites.
Chris Lema
Chris Lema
Chris Lema has been building eCommerce sites since 1997, back when it would take a lot of time, cost a lot of money, and still didn’t work perfectly. He's worked with WooCommerce since it was launched and helped fast-growing stores tweak it to deliver high performance. Today he’s the VP of Products at Liquid Web, where he’s designed and launched a new platform, Managed WooCommerce Hosting.
James Sowers
James Sowers
James Sowers is a marketing consultant and digital product manager based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs build stronger, more sustainable businesses, which made him a great fit to be a co-host for our show.
Episode 20: How To Help Customers Add A Store To Their Existing Site

Not all online stores begin as stores. Blogs, social media accounts, and brands don’t spring from the ground fully-formed with goods to sell at the moment of inception. When your customers reach the point where they are ready to sell products, it will be your job to integrate purchasing options into an already-existing platform.
Episode 19: How To Help Your Clients Grow With Paid Ads

If you are looking to find customers and expand your reach there are several ways to do that. One way is to generate quality content and attract traffic, increasing your website’s visibility. However, that process is long, slow, and requires the creation of a lot of content. What if there was a faster way to find your customers?
Episode 18: Different Types of Businesses You Should Partner With This Year

If you’ve been designing websites for a period of time, you’ve probably been approached with some offer of a partnership. It’s common for people and companies to want to request your services and offer you benefits that don’t take the form of traditional compensation. Maybe you have even extended some of these offers to others.
Episode 17: How To Run A Headache-Free Discovery Project

Starting a discovery project with a new client is an exciting time. You’re setting the scope of your work, building relationships, and uncovering a vision for a new project. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement as the work gets under way.
Episode 16: Leveraging User-Generated Content to Help Your Clients Sell More Products

There are many ways to market your online business and connect with your customers. Creating your own content is only one way of doing this. Another route you can take is sharing user-generated content with your customers. In today’s online marketplaces, customer reviews are more impactful than ever.
Episode 15: How to Optimize Product Pages for Conversions

The product page is one of the most important elements of the websites you will build. It’s more than a page with information about your products. It’s a place where you get to design the shopping experience for your visitors. It’s a place to tell your story. It’s a place where you can turn visitors into customers.
Episode 14: How To Structure Your Store Building Services

It’s one thing to have your skill set and another thing entirely to know how to market your skills. How should your clients pay you? How much should you charge? What will the arrangement be?
Episode 13: Security Considerations for Store Builders and Owners

How safe do you feel about your online store? Although there are many ways to secure your business, there are also significant risks associated with doing business online.
Episode 12: Small Site Tweaks That Have a Big Impact on Performance

In this episode of The Store Builders Podcast, we outline a few small decisions or technical tweaks you can make to generate a big improvement in store performance.
Episode 11: Consulting Your Clients On New Product Launches

Many Store Builders think their job is just to build the store and hand the reins over to their clients, but if you want to increase your earning potential, you’ll become an expert in continuing to support them through their store or product launch.