Episode 20: How To Help Customers Add A Store To Their Existing Site
April 19, 2019


Not all online stores begin as stores. Blogs, social media accounts, and brands don’t spring from the ground fully-formed with goods to sell at the moment of inception. When your customers reach the point where they are ready to sell products, it will be your job to integrate purchasing options into an already-existing platform.
Sometimes the transition is easy. A simple “buy” button or shopping cart integration is all it takes. When the new store isn’t so simple, it might be wise to host the store externally, or build something new from scratch. Part of your job as the store builder is to guide the growth of the website to the option that best serves your client.
On this episode you’ll hear:
  • When and why your customers will want to add a store to their website
  • How to add simple purchase options to your website
  • What to consider when building a new store from scratch
  • Common mistakes to avoid when integrating a new store
  • Best practices to incorporate throughout the process
If you are interested in the best ways to build purchasing options into your already existing platforms, then this is one episode you won’t want to miss!