Episode 11: Consulting Your Clients On New Product Launches
November 27, 2018


Many Store Builders think their job is just to build the store and hand the reins over to their clients, but if you want to increase your earning potential, you’ll become an expert in continuing to support them through their store or product launch.
In this episode, we talk about a few of the most important considerations when planning for and supporting a product launch, common roadblocks you should watch out for, and the tools and resources you’ll need to effectively deliver on all of these responsibilities.
You’ll get actionable advice related to:
  • What the Store Builder’s role is during a product launch
  • How you should treat the launch of a new store compared to the launch of a new product
  • Some important technical and logistical items you should pay attention to when preparing for the launch
  • How you should communicate with clients before, during and after the launch
  • Common roadblocks or stumbling blocks that Store Builders and their clients often overlook