Episode 44: Diagnosing Low Sales
March 10, 2020


New stores are often launched with a mix of nervous excitement and giddy anticipation. When traffic starts hitting the site, the team becomes even more optimistic. However, high traffic doesn’t always lead to a high amount of sales. This can lead the store owner to believe that there is something wrong with the site.
In one sense this thinking is wrong - it’s possible for this to happen and everything to be working perfectly. But in another sense, there still may be something wrong with the site as it’s constructed, and it’s your job as a store builder to find out what that is and how to fix it.
On this episode you’ll hear:
  • What happens on high traffic/low sale sites, and who this is likely to happen to
  • Why this might be caused by directing the wrong traffic to your site
  • Possible causes that might explain this phenomenon
  • The importance of getting an outside perspective on your site
  • How data can help you solve this issue
If you’re looking to convert a higher percentage of your web traffic into sales then this is one episode you won’t want to miss!