Episode 48: eCommerce Content Marketing - Comparisons
May 05, 2020


If you’re a store owner or store builder, chances are you know a lot about your content and your marketplace. But if you’re prioritizing your store or your business, and not regularly blogging or podcasting, chances are you aren’t sharing that knowledge with your customers.
Comparison posts are a great way to solve this problem. Generating a few comparison posts will allow you to educate your customers and demonstrate your expertise in the marketplace. Once you figure out the format, it’s an intuitive way to both share and receive information.
On this episode you’ll hear:
  • What a comparison post is
  • Elements to include in a comparison post
  • The time cost and level of difficulty
  • How to conduct product research
  • Criteria to consider in your post
If you’re looking for an engaging way to share more of what you know with your customers then this one episode you won’t want to miss!