Illustration of a browser window with "www" typed into the search bar

The difference between domain and hosting for business websites

What is a hosting domain? Here’s what to know before buying a domain and hosting. Learn the difference between domain vs. web hosting in this guide.

Image of wires in a server

Data by the numbers: A look inside our Southfield, MI data center

Take a look into the Nexcess Southfield dedicated data center and explore its benefits. Also, learn about its amenities and how to take advantage of them.

best website change monitoring software tools

6 best website change monitoring software tools for 2024

Looking for a user-friendly website change monitoring tool or software? Browse this list of the 6 best (free and paid) options available in 2024.

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing an Ecommerce Hosting Provider

A beginner's guide to choosing an ecommerce hosting provider (2024)

Web hosting for ecommerce sites is not one size fits all. Get an ecommerce website hosting comparison here. Read this blog on the best hosting for ecommerce.

What is a CDN? How to Select a CDN Provider 2024

What is a CDN? How to Select a CDN Provider (2024 Guide)

Every website needs web and CDN hosting. Learn what to look for when hosting with CDN. Learn more about WordPress hosting with CDN and see how it can help you.

Who has the fastest WooCommerce hosting

Who Offers the Fastest WooCommerce Hosting?

If you have an online store, you want a fast experience. That’s where a host comes in. Read this blog to learn who offers the fastest WooCommerce hosting.

Website Privacy Policy Requirements: Build a GDPR-Compliant Website Policy

Privacy policies and GDPR compliance for websites

Learn the basics of a website policy and why you need it for your online store. Create your own with this list of website privacy policy requirements.

Should Freelancers Join Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Read this blog to learn about web hosting affiliate programs.

Freelancer's guide on how to host websites for clients

Freelancer's Guide on How to Host Websites for Clients

Learn how to host websites for clients in this blog.

 Advantages of WordPress hosting

5 Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Read this blog for five specific advantages of WordPress hosting.

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